[Sdpg] NEW BOOK /People and Permaculture - Caring and designing for ourselves each other and the planet by Looby Macnamara

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People and Permaculture - Caring and designing for ourselves, each other 
and the planet by Looby Macnamara

Out March 2012 pre-orders available now at a special price, and the book 
will be sent as soon as it is published.


Written by permaculture teacher and founder of Spirals of abundance, 
Looby is happy to sign copies before sending. Please add anything you 
would like to add in the comment box at the checkout.
This book widens the definition of permaculture from being mostly about 
land based systems to taking right into the heart of our own lives, 
relationships and society. It is for anyone who thought permaculture 
wasn't for them because they didn't have a garden. It is for anyone who 
wants to improve their ability to care for themselves, their friends and 
family and the Earth. People and Permaculture ,will transform the 
context of permaculture making it relevant to everyone.

Divided into 6 parts we are guided from the personal to the bigger picture.

Part 1 - contains a detailed introduction to permaculture design and 
principles as applied to people.

Part 2 - looks at the tools and techniques we can use in our own lives; 
how we can transform our internal landscape, enhance our well-being and 
be at our best.

Part 3 - investigates ways of creating harmony in our relationships and 
groups, through our communication and decision making

Part 4 -- explores a wider vision for our social systems, in particular 
health and education

Part 5 - moves on to explore how to expand our feelings of connection 
across the globe.

Part 6 - focuses on how we can manifest a positive future with the use 
of a new design framework specifically created for people-based designs.

With over 50 practical activities readers are empowered and given 
practical tools to initiate positive change in their lives. People & 
Permaculture provides a practical and holistic guide to creating a 
sustainable world.
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