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early bird discounted registration date coming up March 2nd for  
natural building apprenticeship!


Sheltership: six-week natural building apprenticeship
a program of Quail Springs Permaculture

with Sasha Rabin of Vertical Clay and Paul Swenson of Quail Springs

Dates: April 29- June 8, 2012

Sheltership is a six-week intensive apprenticeship and journey into  
the creation of a small shelter from start to finish, using natural  
materials, at a beautiful location in the Southern California  
mountains.  Sasha Rabin of Vertical Clay and Paul Swenson of Quail  
Springs will lead a small group of individuals who are passionate to  
learn and explore.  Although welcome, experience with natural building  
is not necessary.  With natural building materials and applications as  
our focus, we will also explore the beauty of natural materials in how  
they connect us to so many other aspects of our lives often offering a  
more holistic approach to living simply.

During this six-week intensive apprenticeship, we will build a small  
shelter (less than 120 square feet) from start to as close to finish  
as possible, using a variety of earthen materials and applications.  
The educational emphasis will be on student’s developing a keen  
understanding of the materials, so they can develop insight into the  
best possible way to use each of the materials/applications for  
specific building needs and individual situations.

We will focus on building with earth, including clay soil, sand, stone  
and straw.  These materials will be used in a variety of applications,  
including: cob, light straw clay (slip-straw), wattle and daub, earth  
bag, earthen plasters, poured earthen floor, and some woodwork.

The learning process will primarily be a hands-on study ethic, with  
lecture worked in through the day in usually under one-hour sessions.   
We will offer inspiring slideshows, as well as a field trip to visit  
natural buildings in the region.

Sheltership will weave within our local community, interfacing with  
various farm and garden activities, community gatherings and special  
events, day to day community care, preparation and sharing of meals,  
music and storytelling, explorations of the area watershed and  
wildlands, and more!

More about Sheltership’s facilitating teachers

Sasha Rabin has been building and teaching to build with natural  
materials since co-founding Seven Generations Natural Builders in  
2002.  Partner in Vertical Clay natural building company, she lives  
and works at a suburban permaculture and natural building home  
demonstration site in El Sobrante, California.  www.verticalclay.com

Paul Swenson practices land stewardship & natural building as one of  
the founding team at Quail Springs Permaculture.  He has been  
practicing and teaching natural building since 2005.  Paul’s teaching  
style is empowering and puts people at ease, with an emphasis on self- 
discovery, enjoyment, and creating beauty.  www.quailsprings.org

Registration Information
As the intensive is limited to 10 participants, we advise those  
interested inquire early.

The cost of the intensive includes tuition, materials, meals and tent  
camping nearby
$2,600 (deposit of $500 holds your space)
$2,200 early bird rate, for payment in full by March 2, 2012

Limited partial work trade positions are available, please ask for an  
application!  Payment plans may be requested as well.  Please ask  
about Couples/Family rates.

Contact:   info at quailsprings.org or 805-886-7239 for more information  
or to request an application

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