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Margie Bushman, Santa Barbara Permaculture Network sbpcnet at silcom.com
Sun Mar 11 11:16:32 PDT 2012

for those in permaculture who have a special interest in pattern 
design, this is a remarkable and stunningly beautiful video.  Would 
be wonderful to show at all Permaculture Design Courses for deeper 
understanding of the world we live in.

Nature by Numbers by Cristobal Vila:
mathematics helps us discover nature, this movie inspired by numbers, 
geometry & nature

an explanation of in both english & spanish:

of all the chapters in the Permaculture Design manual by Bill 
Mollison, Chapter 4 on Pattern Understanding is the most profound 
with this material on the relationship between mathematics and 
nature.  It is what takes permaculture beyond the perception of 
merely being about gardening and landcare, but to its true focus on 
design.  (if you still haven't read because of the cost, the 
Permaculture Design Manual is available at many libraries)


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