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Josh Robinson welcometherain at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 20:42:09 PDT 2012

Join us for an exciting opportunity in San Diego's back country town of
Ramona for a unique hands-on workshop to* learn how to transform a house
into a sustainable oasis* by tapping into rainwater and greywater.

This holistic water harvesting training course will teach people the
fundamentals of integrated water design through hands-on activity.  Over
the 3 days, participants will design and install:

   -        A "Laundry to Landscape" greywater system
   -        Two branched drain greywater systems from two bathrooms
   -        A 2,500 gallon rainwater harvesting cistern and plan for future
   -        A wide range of passive water harvesting earthworks

All of these water harvesting projects will be integrated to provide an
edible landscape that works in harmony with both the natural ecology and
the home itself.

Through this training, participants will learn:

   -          Best Management Practices for rainwater and greywater
   -          Legal regulations and permitting
   -          Best plumbing practices
   -          Edible landscape integration
   -          Tricks and tools of the trade

This course is for anyone interested in learning how to design water
harvesting features into their own landscapes and is ideal for homeowners,
contractors, architects, designers, and city and county regulators. No
prior experience is necessary. All participants will receive a certificate
of completion.

If you have been waiting for one course that will give you an overview of
how to install your own legal rainwater harvesting and greywater systems
then this is the course for you. By the end of the three days you should
have the understanding and confidence to begin to create your own
sustainable oasis!

To find out more and to sign up check out:

Josh Robinson
(928) 853-9716

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