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> Subject: [sdfoodnotlawns] new prop 37 development - FBI looking into  
> No on 37's lies
> I just got off a media conference call with the Yes on 37 campaign.  
> Apparently, the No on 37 campaign (industry-funded anti-GMO labeling  
> campaign) has done so much lying that they actually might have  
> committed a crime by illegally using the FDA's logo along with a  
> false statement that they attributed to the FDA. Yes on 37 reported  
> that to the govt, and the FBI is now following up to find out if, in  
> fact, a crime was committed. A number of journalists from major  
> publications like the New York Times and Bloomberg were on the call,  
> and they were really pressing the Yes on 37 folks because they had  
> called the US Attorney's office to find out whether an investigation  
> had been opened up as the Yes on 37 people were claiming, and the US  
> Attorney said that no, there was no investigation. So there was a  
> lot of back and forth about semantics - basically that Yes on 37  
> submitted a criminal complaint and got a phone call back from the  
> FBI, and is that what you call an investigation or not? They said  
> that they would call it an investigation but perhaps the FBI has a  
> different name for it, but it's all semantics. The point is, they  
> said, that No on 37 has been lying and, they allege, committing a  
> felony by using the FDA's logo. But the journalists on the call  
> seemed so bothered by the discrepancy that Yes on 37 said there was  
> an FBI "investigation" whereas the US Attorney's office said there  
> wasn't, that I don't know what sort of coverage it's going to get.  
> It sounded like it could have backfired on Yes on 37 for using such  
> strong language when they weren't backed up by the FBI on it.
> Jill


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