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In Tucson, a Search for Fruit the Missionaries Knew 
The New York Times
Nov 21, 2012

The main figure in this story (in addition to Father Kino) is Jesus Garcia, who gave a fascinating presentation on this subject at the 2011 California Rare Fruit Growers Festival of Fruit, Year of the Pomegranate, held in Tempe Arizona last year. He works with Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan, who also mentioned Padre Kino's introductions in his inspiring presentation at this year's CRFG FoF, Year of the Heirloom Fruit.

Also mentioned in this article is Jerry Sortomme of La Huerta at Old Mission Santa Barbara, who was another one of our outstanding presenters at our FoF this year. 

Another great resource on this subject is the book: “Gardens of New Spain,” by William W. Dunmire 
While mostly focused on Kino's introductions to the Greater Southwest, he also has a chapter on the Spanish fruit introductions to California, one hundred years after Padre Kino.

Lastly, here is the movie mentioned: 
"Tasting History" http://vimeo.com/52716148
Produced by: http://www.mirage-in-the-desert.com/

The sad fact of knowledge being lost with the passing of elders, makes this kind of historic plant/people work something we should all support, and become part of.


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