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/**/2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence March 9th and 
10th, 2013 /*





Featuring Keynote Speaker Paul Wheaton (permies.com)


Ann and Alden Hough

Michelle Bernson

Josh Robinson

Greg Rubin

and many other amazing speakers!


We San Diego Permies are excited to be hosting the Southern California 
Permaculture Convergence in 2013.  This event will draw people from all 
Southern California, and it is going to be an amazing, inspirational, 
mind-bending permaculture event.


Tour of Sky Mountain Institute
Introduction to Permaculture
Importance of Including Wildlife Habitat
Greywater Reclamation
Companion Planting
Edible Natives
Beehive building
Bee keeping
Seed Saving
Herbal Remedy Making
Lots of hands-on workshops and more!


$50.00 Early-Bird Special!  Available till 01/31/2013! Price will go up 
if you wait.

Buy your ticket at:


An exact transparent accounting of all of our $ transactions can be seen 
by clicking here.

If you are unable to pay (you may have a family of 4 and you all want to 
come, in that case, it does add up!), please contact us to contribute 
other ways. We are offering  a work-exchange. We need you, want you, and 
nobody is turned away for inability to pay!

Cancellation Policy:  A full refund can be issued upon written request 
up to 20 days before the event.  Within 20 days of the event, no refunds 
will be issued.


We will have food vendors on site for different dietary needs. Vendors 
will be available both Saturday and Sunday for lunch, and Saturday for 
dinner.  You will have to take care of other meals yourself, we have 
provided a list of local grocery store and dining options under the 
Staying With Us Tab.


Tent camping on site will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Please 
bring $10 cash to check-in, and note that we are located in a burn-ban 
area so bring a propane stove if you are planning on cooking.  No pets 
are allowed.  No smoking or alcohol allowed.

Harmony Grove also has cabins for rent from $30 to $60/night for two 
people.  You can reserve one through them at either hgsa at nethere.com or 
by phone at (760) 745-9176.  No smoking or alcohol allowed, but pets are 
welcomed here!

Since camping space is limited, we send a special request to all of our 
San Diego Permies to consider opening their house/yard (rooms, couch, or 
tent space) for out-of-town permies.  You can charge $ 10-30 and donate 
part of the income to the Southern California Convergence Funds. Please 
see under "Forums" for requests/offers of hospitality.


Your organic produce, jams, seeds, cuttings, recipes, clothes, books, 
anything you want, for free!  You will have plenty of time to mingle 
with fellow permies!


If you have sustainable/organic items or services in line with 
permaculture you would like to sell, please contact us at 
michelle at edgeandelement.com.  We support like-minded businesses!


Bring your own plate/silverware, bring your own foldable chair and of 
course, bring your own brilliant vision please.


There will be children's tickets available for sale for $10 for kids 5+, 
kids under 5 are free, but will require adult supervision at all times.  
We will be holding workshops for children 5+, but they must have an 
adult companion to help.


We encourage you to carpool.  Please find carpooling requests and offers 
under "Forums."

Can't Wait till the 9th?  Join us on the 6th thru the 8th!
Permaculture Earthworks at Sky Mountain Institute

Increase your knowledge of permaculture earthworks during this hands on 
3 day workshop taught by Paul Wheaton.   You will be able to watch a raw 
San Diego hillside side go through a permaculture design process. >From 
mapping to final construction to planting out of the installations.  It 
will all be done during these 3 days.  Currently an estimated 350,000 
gallons of runoff water runs down through the property untouched.  Some 
of the earthworks designed and constructed in this class will be placed 
and designed to alter this erosive overland flow and to maximize water 
capture and retention in the landscape.  Earthworks will be constructed 
to create cool zones to give plants a reprieve from the hot summer sun 
and shield them from the local winds.  The earthworks will be mulched 
and the construction of a food forest will take place with the planting 
of cover crops, fruit trees, and support species trees.  Course 
participants will have the opportunity for hands on participation and to 
contribute during the design process and work on all of the earthworks

For more information and to register go here!
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