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Permaculture Earthworks at Sky Mountain Institute
with Paul Wheaton of permies.com.
March 6-8 ,2013
Escondido, CA

Increase your knowledge of permaculture earthworks during this hands 
on 3 day workshop taught by Paul Wheaton.   You will be able to watch a 
raw San Diego hillside side go through a permaculture design process. 
 From mapping to final construction to planting out of the 
installations.  It will all be done during these 3 days.  Currently an 
estimated 350,000 gallons of runoff water runs down through the property untouched.  Some of the earthworks designed and constructed in this 
class will be placed and designed to alter this erosive overland flow 
and to maximize water capture and retention in the landscape.  
Earthworks will be constructed to create cool zones to give plants a 
reprieve from the hot summer sun and shield them from the local winds.  
The earthworks will be mulched and the construction of a food forest 
will take place with the planting of cover crops, fruit trees, and 
support species trees.  Course participants will have the opportunity 
for hands on participation and to contribute during the design process 
and work on all of the earthworks.

The workshop will be held at the same site, and immediately preceding the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence, March 9-10 .  
You can visit the convergence page and register for the convergence HERE.

Course Includes:  
Capturing rainwater runoff
Siting a swale using a laser level
Site mapping and design
Pond construction and sealing.
Swale construction.
Hugelkultur building.
Cover cropping.
Planting fruit trees and support species into a food forest.
Hands on work include planting, mulching, design, and more.

Course Topics:
Permaculture earthworks theory, design, and installation.  Help contribute to the sites ultimate design.
Pond Construction:  Site, dig, and seal a pond.  Theory on why the pond is located where it is.
Swale Construction: Site the swale using a laser level to capture 
rainwater on its way down the slope.  The swale will also be located to 
create cool zones on the property.  Cover crops and support species will be planted to build the soil and nurture the fruit trees along.
Hugelkultur Construction:  Creation of hugelkultur beds around the property to increase the local water storage capacity.
Some of the earthworks installations will be designed and built to help keep this water on site and stored in the soil.

Course Layout:
Day 1 – Wednesday, March 6:  Theory and Design.  A lot of the day 
will be spent out on the property evaluating and mapping the site.  How 
can we manage the landscape to retain and conserve water and create cool zones.  Swales will be laid out using a laser level.  Ponds and 
hugelkultur bed locations will be surveyed marked off.
Day 2 – Thursday, March 7:   Construction will be started on all of 
the earthworks.  The swales will be dug using a tracked excavator.  The 
ponds will be dug and sealed.
Day 3 – Friday, March 8  : Construction will continue on any of the 
previous days earthworks.  The hugelkultur mound will be built.  All of 
the installations will be planted with cover crop seeds, fruit trees, 
and support species.  The earthworks will be mulched and drip line will 
be installed.
An emphasis will be put on maximizing the attendees experience and 
education over completing all of the projects in the allotted time.

Site Information: 

Sky Mountain Institute Permaculture Demonstration Gardens is located 
in Harmony Grove, on seven acres on a west facing valley that grades 
down and incorporates the plains and riparian area of the Escondido 
Creek. Below are some of the features:
* Extensive terracing systems using dry stacked rocks, logs and urbanite
* Lawn conversion to infiltration basins planted with native plants
* Roof water run off captured in various barrels and storage tanks – the largest tank is 2600 gallons
* Swales
* Food forests using hugelkultur birms for harvesting water for the trees
* Hugelkultur beds buried and above ground
* Extensive greywater harvesting systems
* Porous patios and pathways made of urbanite
* Native plant perenial borders around kitchen gardens
* Native plant revegetation on hillside
* Earthbag dome
* Backyard chickens
* Composting worm bin
* Green house made of repurposed materials
* Extensive trellising and arches
* Dry farm food forests
There are many different plant communities on the property including 
chaparral, oak woodlands and riparian.  There are three houses on the 
property. Two of them have zones one and two developed with greywater 
and roof water run off collection systems.  One of the houses has a 
studio with a rest room and kitchen area that is used for workshops.  We have plans next year to build a cob oven and outdoor kitchen so we can 
host community events.

Course Instructor
Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is a larger-than-life character and writer who is the operator of permies.com, a forum to discuss all things permaculture, and who also publishes 
hundreds of podcasts and YouTube videos. He is a Master Gardener, 
permaculture designer and a java software engineer.  Paul received his 
PDC in 2005.  He has visited hundreds of farms and sites using 
permaculture principles over the years resulting a wealth of 
permaculture knowledge.

Registration Information
$510 Regular Tuition
$400 Early Bird Rate (Paid in full by February 1, 2013)
Tuition includes course education, materials, coffee, tea & water, and snacks.
Registration is limited to 30 participants.
Refund Policy:  Cancellations 
prior to February 15 can be refunded in full with a $75 processing fee. 
 No refunds after February 15.
Some lodging is available nearby through a 3rd party.  Please contact me for more details.
For questions and information regarding the course.
e:  diego.crfg at yahoo.com
p:  760.542.8133
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