[Sdpg] Liquid gold: Farmers in Nepal find resourceful way to fertilize crops

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            Liquid gold: Farmers in Nepal find resourceful way to fertilize crops
        By Smriti Mallapaty
Photos by Roxy Cruz
Environmental Health News
 Dec. 17, 2012 

 SOTANG, Nepal – A two-day’s walk from the nearest road, over the hills 
and valleys below Mount Everest, farmer Budhiman Tamang loads a basket 
of cabbages to take to the weekly market. His cabbages are double the 
average local size, and since cabbages are sold by the kilo, they double
 his profit, too.                                                           Roxy Cruz                               Budhiman Tamang and his wife stand in their cabbage field.                Two years ago, Tamang couldn’t even grow enough cabbages to sell. But since then, he’s learned the magic of human urine.
Full article here:http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/2012/urine-as-fertilizer

--------------------------------My favorite book on the subject:Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plantsby Carol Steinfeldhttp://www.liquidgoldbook.com/


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