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Brook Sarson brook at h2o-me.com
Tue Apr 2 15:58:42 PDT 2013

April is a BUSY month.  Spring Fever has us all in its grips and is  
inspiring us to create change!

Permaculture Class starts this Saturday.
The San Diego Permaculture Course is scheduled to begin in April!   
This is a weekend based class that meets the first two weekends of  
April, May, and June.  http://sdsustainable.org/event/permaculture-design-course-spring-2013/

Learn how Permaculture Design can meet and exceed human needs by  
transforming human gardens and communities into fully functioning  
ecosystems. Receive hands-on experience on how to apply the principles  
of ecological design in your own home, farm, neighborhood, and city.  
Permaculture is an integrated ecological design system for creating  
sustainable human settlements. Far more than a set of gardening tips  
and techniques, Permaculture is about understanding and designing the  
connections between people, the earth, plants, energy, climate, water,  
transportation, shelter, animals, economics and much more.
This course is for:  Home owners, renters, gardeners, farmers,  
ranchers, landscapers, architects, builders, developers, civic  
planners, educators, environmentalists, students … everyone who wishes  
to learn how to live sustainably and apply the principles of holistic  
design to their respective fields.
Southbay Water Harvesting Garden Event with Wine and Cheese, 4-6pm in  
Bonita.  All welcome!

Rainwater Tank Installation Workshop
The city of San Diego is offering up to $400 in rebates for rainwater  
tanks.  This will get you up to a 500 gallon tank!!  Come learn how to  
install a tank yourself in Clairemont at this great event.

And my favorite:
Southpark Water Harvesting Bike Tour
April 20, starting 9:30 at Olive Branch Green Building Supply
This is a unique event where we will travel throughout South and North  
Park exploring different rainwater and greywater setups at residences  
throughout the neighborhood. We will raffle off cool prizes from local  
businesses, and for rainwater and greywater harvesting including a  
rainwater tank gift certificate, gutter discounts, greywater kits,  
plants, and more.  We will have discount lunches available at local  
restaurants and will end the day with a greywater installation  
workshop!  You won't want to miss this!

Hope to see you soon!  Let's talk water conservation San Diego!

Brook Sarson
Smart Water Savings
brook at h2o-me.com

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