[Sdpg] Wood Fired Earthen Oven Workshop June 15-16, at Quail Springs, early bird reg by May 15

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Fri May 10 11:50:30 PDT 2013

Wood Fired Earthen Oven Workshop
with Sasha Rabin, at Quail Springs

June 15-16, 2013

Learn to build your own earthen bread and pizza oven using natural  
materials from your backyard.  Join us and develop the skills you need  
to build your own small structure and feed your friends and family on  
fantastic baked goodies!

Cost: $250.  Early bird discounted rate – $215 by May 15, 2013
Contact Kolmi at  info at quailsprings.org or call 805-886-7239 to  

This Cob Oven Building workshop is designed to teach you the skills  
needed to build your own oven in your backyard, as well as encouraging  
a new way of relating to our food and the process in which it is  
cooked and created.  The weekend will be catered with food cooked in  
the two already existing wood fired cob ovens we have on site.

As we go through the process of building an oven throughout the  
weekend we will also be engaging in the process of cooking in one and  
sharing and feasting on some of the myriad of things that can be  
cooked in them, including a pizza dinner Saturday night, frittatas,  
roasted vegetables, sourdough bread, granola, and yogurt.

The process of building as well as cooking in a wood fired oven  
encourages us to redevelop our relationship to the way we eat and  
cook, encouraging us toengage in the journey of the creation of a meal.

Using clay, sand and straw, we will explore the entire construction  
process from foundation to roof. The class is primarily hands on,  
involving building an oven from start to finish.  We will also go over  
all the other aspects of the building process, including soil  
analysis, options for variations on the oven design, moisture  
protection, heating and insulation for the oven, as well as how to  
fire and cook in the ovens.
Instructor:  Sasha Rabin
Sasha Rabin has a degree in Ecological Design from Evergreen State  
College. She has studied natural and traditional methods of building  
in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Indonesia, and the southwest United  
States. Following an apprentice at the Cob Cottage Company she worked  
with them as an assistant instructor and went on to co-found Seven  
Generation Natural Builders. We are pleased to have Sasha living,  
teaching, building and baking with Quail Springs Permaculture!

Contact Kolmi at  info at quailsprings.org or call 805-886-7239 to  

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