[San Diego, CA Permaculture] Bamboo Bridge Sculptural Workshop May 9-12 2014 Ojai 4 day intensive

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Bamboo Bridge Sculptural Workshop May 9-12 2014 Ojai 4 day intensive 
$387 includes catering register at www.omage.org/events

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We are very excited to announce our FIRST Artist onboard! Gerard Minakawa from Bamboo DNA has committed to building a Bamboo Bridge in conjunction with Omage https://www.facebook.com/OmageOjai
Gerard has proposed to hold a workshop on Bamboo building for all who are intrigued with the idea of creating with this beautiful and very sustainable medium.

Gerard is most well-known for creating gorgeous bamboo sculptures at music festivals and museums around the country. His company, Bamboo DNA, has been responsible for the largest, most innovative bamboo structures in the U.S. today. New York City native, Gerard Minakawa, created the Bamboo DNA in response to an immediate need for unique, high performance bamboo materials with which to design and construct his structures.

Minakawa holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and recently taught a design class for the school in Bolivia, where he had lived for three years working with indigenous artisans prior to creating Bamboo DNA. He is an award-winning designer whose work has been featured in numerous publications, events and exhibitions around the world.
? We know how and are not shy about teaching others how to build as well? when you work with Bamboo DNA, you are also working with a network of experienced bamboo builders.?

A short list of projects Gerard and his Company have participated in:
Burningnam, Black Rock City, Nevada
LACMA MUSE, Los Angeles, California
Coachella Music Festival, Indio, California
Earth Day, Santa Barbara, California
Lightning in a Bottle, Escondido, California
Forbidden Fruit, Dublin, Ireland
Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sudoeste TMZ festival, Portugal
LovEvolution, San Francisco, California
Escape from Wonderland, San Bernardino, California
We encourage you to take a look at Gerard?s work at BambooDNA.com

A Large Scale Sculpture Garden Landscape

We are creating a West Coast Sculpture Garden and Cultural Arts Center located 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, in the Ojai Valley where its pristine landscape of fields, hills, and oak lands provides the setting for powerful imagination and community building.

Creative Workshops
Creates a safe-haven for children & adults to express their own natural artistic ability at events with featured artists.
Supports local culture and international artists to create a unique visionary experience that speaks directly to the heart and transcends the thinking mind.
Permaculture Elements
Nourishes a new way of understanding our living relationship to the Great Act of Creation that surrounds us everywhere.
We now have a very unique opportunity to move forward with a viable pilot demonstration on 20 acres of well-known land sanctuary in the Matilija Canyon.

We invite you to sponsor this amazing new visionary project and be the catalyst of change you wish to see in the world.
Omage creates pilot demonstration project in 2014 Omage is a nonprofit organization that celebrates and gives home to large-scale installation artists and sculptors whose works of magnitude rarely have a single permanent place to shine.

Our purpose is to exemplify mankind?s highest potential by placing imagination and creativity at the forefront of living at every moment.
We Invite people from varied world cultures and diverse backgrounds to actively participate in Dreaming Awake this constantly expanding vision. 

The experience becomes a catalyst to express powerful creative potential and to grow other beautifully inspired communities and neighborhoods everywhere. Omage transcends the boundaries of what is possible by understanding our connection to the Divine Act of Creation itself.
We now have a very unique opportunity to move forward with a viable pilot program at Ecotopia Center for Ecology & Consciousness on 20 acres of land sanctuary in the Matilija Canyon.

Our vision is to create a walking path sculpture garden along with artist workshops, at Ojai Ecotopia, that showcases the potential to build a larger permanent facility in the upper Ojai Valley. We are well into the planning process for development of this amazing new pilot vision under the umbrella and Fiscal Sponsorship of Ecotopia ? Elevate, non-profit 501 (c) 3. Our core members have completed definitive steps that outline our goals and schedule to launch the pilot program in spring of 2014, as well as, steadily evolving the vision, values and non-profit status for Omage.

Partnered With Ecotopia
Ojai Ecotopia is located on 20 acres of sacred land in Matilija Canyon, Ojai California. There is a beautiful creek, hotsprings, rocks, trees and meadows on this Chaparral sage-bush ecology. This land has a long heritage of thousands of years of ceremonial use by the Chumash Native Americans, and more recently by people from all over the world. Ecotopia is a non- denominational religious nonprofit organization that adheres to the principles of Full Circle. Full Circle is an open source spiritual ideology which understands the interconnectedness of all things. One of the aims of Ecotopia is to provide educational events as an open-sourced dialogue about what it means to be conscious stewards of the Earth and how to live empowered healthy lives. To learn more about Ojai Ecotopia and Full Circle please visit www.Ecotopia.net

Julie Rico, Advisor
With 20 years of experience in the areas of producing art events, promotions and public relations as a principal agent for art related projects, Julie?s primary focus has been placed on representing and promoting creatives. Most noted for helping launch the Low Brow Art Movement. This was a by-product of a tireless effort to tout unknown underrepresented artists in the context of a formal art gallery setting.

Brian Tortora, Founder
Brian Tortora has created large-scale installations for over 13 years at many festivals including Burning Man, Coachella and Lollapalooza to name a few. He has been invited to curate the Outdoor Sculpture Garden for the LA ArtFest in Los Angeles and created installations and workshops for LACMA?s family program. He holds a BFA from Art Center College of Design. Brian is the Founder and Executive Director of Omage.

Dawn Jarocki, Co-Founder

Dawn Jarocki earned her place as the youngest executive director of the Old Town Chamber of Commerce in Chicago where she learned grant writing, event production, fundraising and nonprofit business management, ushering in the chamber?s most successful year ever. Her passion is using her production, marketing and business sense to assist talented creatives in realizing their fullest potential in inspiring ways.

Suzie Nixon, Advisor
Suzanne Nicole Nixon brings a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to new and existing nonprofit organizations dedicated to healthy community for everyone. Through program planning, dynamic partnerships, grant writing and fund-raising strategies, she enlivens the capacity and vision for meaningful processes and outcomes, collaboration, and self-actualization

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