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Permaculture Design 

Certification Course 

For International Development and Social Entrepreneurship 

So. California Mountains 


June 21st- July5th, 2014 


Early Bird by 5/1/2014-$1,450 

Limited Space-Register Today 

Orphaned Children learn to plant a greywater basin at a 

Permaculture Design Course 

Permaculture is an integrated design system that provides a framework for
consciously designed landscapes that provide diversity, stability, and
resilience for individuals and communities. This course will assist you and
your organization in integrating into your projects: 

. Holistic Design 

. Increased Food Security 

. Community-Based Development 

. Waste Cycling 

. Sustainability Education 

. Clean Water and Drought Proofing 

. Health and Nutrition 

. Sustainable Vocations & Enterprise 

. Energy Efficiency and Storages 

. Collaborative Strategy 

Sustainable International Development 

& Social Entreprenuership 

Creating an on-contour bio-swale with Permaculture students at Lake Victoria
on Rusinga Island in Kenya 

Integrated Learning

Appropriate Design 


Water Harvesting 

Compost Toilets 

Drought Proofing 

Waste Cycling 


Design Priorities 


Soil building 

Watershed Restoration 

Integrated Pest Mgmt 


Appropriate Technology 

Economic Resiliency 

Conflict Resolution 

Community Organizing 

Ecological Building 


Broad Acre Applications 

Food Forestry 


Resilient Food Production 

Greywater Systems 

Livestock Integration 

Rebuilding Springs 




Why Permaculture 

Permaculture is widely recognized as one of the most effective design
methodologies for attaining sustainability worldwide.  Permaculture is in
160 countries with an estimated 850, 000 grassroots projects on-the-ground. 





Course Instruction Team 

"My learning journey at Quail Springs helped to nurture my presence of mind
to be a better and more active listener and designer - a vital trait for the
international development professional. The coursework was incredibly
pertinent to my work in Uganda and without a doubt made me more aware, more
compassionate, and more focused in my role as a 

project manager and human being." 

- a Former Student 


Our instruction team is comprised of a diverse mix of Quail Springs
residents and leaders in the field from around the world: 


Warren Brush, international permaculture educator, designer and co-founder
of Quail Springs Permaculture, True Nature Design and Casitas Valley Farm 

Joseph Lentunyoi, co-founder of Permaculture Research Institute of 

Kenya, Maasai Tribal Leader, and Permaculture Educator & Consultant 

Janice Setser, Former Project Director with Mercy Corp 

Alissa Sears, Global Betterment Director of Christie Communications 

Melanie St. James, Co-Founder of Empowerment Works 

Jay Markert, Founder of Living Mandala 

Jeanette Acosta Tribal Indigenous Knowledge, Permaculture Teacher 

Noah Jackson, Founder of Forest Voices 

and the Quail Springs' Farm Management Team with Brenton Kelly, Andrew
Clinard and Lindsay Allen 

...additional presenters being added to the roster, stay tuned! 

Program Affiliates: 

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network 

Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya 

Christie Communications 

Global Resource Alliance 

Forest Voices

Register Today 


 <mailto:info at quailsprings.org> info at quailsprings.org 

or call 805-886-7239 

Quail Springs is an ideal drylands site to learn about permaculture for
Sustainable International Development 

Course Tuition is ALL INCLUSIVE & Includes: Camping, Healthy Food, &



Farm Management Team & Course Coordinator

Quail Springs Permaculture

 <http://www.quailsprings.org> www.quailsprings.org



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