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Permaculture Design Manual 14 chapters Resource
An Online Permaculture Reader Resource
Posted on December 20, 2010
This Website is a creation brought to you by TreeYo Permaculture as an online service to
those who are seeking information about various aspects of Permaculture. By using a
multimedia approach, we hope to bring you as much concentrated information as
possible which allows you to surf one site rather than the whole web for different facets of
Permaculture. We really hope that you will leave comments or questions so that the
collective genius of the Permaculture community can be realized. Through this blog
format, we can have an open dialogue and co-create so that future users can access not
only the valuable information but also the design process itself.


For me Permaculture is a philosophy of solutions and a directed path for our enthusiasm for manifesting positive change in the world.  Its about realizing the full potential of humanity from uncovering the magic behind nature, leveraging the patterns and flows that produce abundance.  Redirecting that insight into every system, may it be buildings or banking, our actions are poised to create a great turning, or peaceful transition here in the coming years.

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