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"From Cuyama to Kenya: Interweaving Permaculture & International Development"

excerpt from article by Zeya Schindler

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The wisdom and care that characterized the relationship between the residents and
the ecology of Quail Springs were mirrored in the quality and the delivery of the
course. The combination of practical knowledge and deep insight provided by Warren
Brush and a wealth of guest teachers spoke to a profound understanding of both the
challenges we face and the potential to meet and transform them by living with integrity
in our relationship to the natural systems that sustain us.

As I had hoped, what was on offer was not just instruction in practical aspects 
of design but an opportunity to develop a different way of seeing and experiencing,
of valuing interdependence and designing for the kind of resilience that is only
possible through recognition of relationship to our ecology.

The course was a powerful confirmation of the value of bringing the principles of
permaculture into increasing connection with the world of development and international
aid. And that confirmation has shaped the unfolding of my own life as well. My relationship
to Quail Springs has grown and deepened in the years since my design course, with
frequent visits to learn and share.

In January of this year, I had the great fortune of traveling to Kenya with Warren
Brush to help facilitate that country's first ever Permaculture Training of Teachers.
Organized by Permaculture Research Institute Kenya, the cohort was an amazing mix
of community leaders, teachers and NGO staff from around East Africa and beyond,
developing their skills as permaculture teachers so as to impact their own communities
and enact positive change.

What began for me as an inquiry into the potential value of permaculture design 
in development has brought me into connection with many amazing individuals and 
projects also working to bridge those two worlds. Having one foot firmly in the 
world of ecological design has not led me to reject the world of development....

My hope is that these many bridges will continue to take real and definite shape, 
allowing the best of both worlds safe passage across.

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Zeya Schindler is a writer, storyteller and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
He holds a master’s degree in Development and Emergency Practice from Oxford Brookes University 
and is a student of permaculture, ecological design and natural building.

Zeya Schindler
MA Development & Emergency Practice
zeyaschindler at gmail.com


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