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This summer Archelonia Ecological & Permaculture  will be offering another permaculture design certification course (PDC) based out of east San Diego county, with a few far-flung field trips, including camping. I, Jane Higginson will be the principal instructor.  There will be numerous venerable and intriguing guest instructors. Attached are a flier and a draft calendar for the course. There will be two scholarships for Imperial Valley residents. There will also be two work-trade positions for any hard workers from anywhere. Otherwise, the course fee and  tuition is $775. The course will be experiential, hands-on and mostly outdoors. Students will deepen their relationship with nature as well as gaining practical and conceptual skills for an ecologically regenerative lifestyle. The course time is around 90 contact hours, considerably longer than the minimum PDC requirement of 72 hours. The class size will be small, less than 15. The principal text for the course will be Bill Mollison's "Permaculture: A Designer's Manual." Students graduating from this course will be awarded an authentic Certificate of Permaculture Design, which will give them the future opportunity to pursue a Diploma of Permaculture Design. Applicants for the course, scholarships and work-trade, must contact Jane Higginson directly :  archelonia at cox.net, (619) 219-9311)

I began practicing permaculture while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala in the mid 1980’s. I graduated from the PDC taught by Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman in Texas in 1996, and was awarded the Diploma of Permaculture Design from the Permaculture Institute, directed by Bill Mollison, in 2000. I also have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Planning from Washington State University, and a BS in Wildlife Science from USU. In addition, I am an alumnus of Cal-Earth Institute's training in earth architecture, having apprenticed under Nader Khalili.

In California, Arizona Texas, and Mexico, I have taught Permaculture introductory courses, specialty courses, and PDC’s to more than 900 students at community colleges, non-profit organizations, private colleges, and independently. I have been a guest speaker for Permaculture Voices Conference, San Diego Permaculture Convergence, Starhawk, David Blume, and Josh Robinson. I am  a semi-retired professor of environmental science and have traveled to and lived in many different ecosystems on many parts of the Earth.  Most importantly, I have been a passionate student of nature since birth. Under “Archelonia Ecological and Permaculture,” in addition to teaching permaculture, I do wildlife field surveys and consulting, and have a micro-nursery. I also own “Snail Haven,” which is a permaculture site with food forest, wildlife refuge, and aspiring meditation hermitage, in Dehesa, east San Diego County.

Many thanks for your interest, and I hope you will join the Course!

Jane Higginson
Archelonia Ecological and Permaculture
archelonia at cox.net
(619) 219-9311
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