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Fri May 30 14:26:49 PDT 2014

We're offering a special promotion of $300 off the PDC for International Development
& Social Entrepreneurship for the next 5 people that register!  Please spread the
word and have people interested in the course contact Kolmi at info at quailsprings.org 
to learn more.  Thank you!


Permaculture Design Certification Course for International Development & Social 

June 21 - July 5, 2014

14-day immersion course at Quail Springs permaculture farm and community nestled
 in the beautiful high desert spring-fed canyon wilderness of Southern California

* Increased Food Security
* Community-Based Development
* Waste Cycling
* Sustainability Education
* Clean Water and Drought Proofing
* Health and Nutrition
* Sustainable Vocations & Enterprise

The course gives participants theory and practice for integrating Permaculture's
 systems-thinking and design strategies into their work and study, while gaining
 an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification.

Lead Instructor

Warren Brush of Quail Springs, Casitas Valley Farms, and True Nature Design

Presenters & Guest Instructors

* Jeanette Acosta - Tribal Indigenous Knowledge, Permaculture Teacher
* Tara Blasco - Co-founder of Global Resource Alliance
* Tom Cole - Former Director Save the Children Uganda, Consultant
* Noah Jackson - Founder of Forest Voices
* Jay Markert - Founder of Living Mandala
* Alissa Sears - Leader of Strategic Planning & Global Betterment with Christie 
* Janice Setser - Former Program Manager with Mercy Corps, Consultant
* Melanie St. James - Co-Founder of Empowerment Works
* Brenton Kelly, Andrew Clinard & Lindsay Allen - Quail Springs' Farm Management

Topics include:  Integrated Design, Composting, Water Harvesting, Compost Toilets,
Waste Cycling, Earthworks, Rocket Stoves, Design Priorities, Ecological Building,
Aquaculture, Bio-Sand Filtration, Broad Acre Applications, Food Forestry, Bio-Engineering,
Resilient Food Production, Greywater Systems, Livestock Integration, Soil building,
Watershed Restoration, Integrated Pest Mgmt, Biomimicry, Appropriate Technology,
 Peacemaking, Conflict Resolution, Community Organizing, Drought Proofing Landscapes,
Rebuilding Springs, Refugee Camp Strategies

Location & Hosting: The course is hosted at Quail Springs' 450-acre wilderness and
working farm site focused on modeling and teaching the concepts and practices of
 sustainability. We are located 32 miles east of Santa Barbara and are surrounded
by Los Padres National Forest. This land is an ideal drylands site for learning 
about Permaculture.


Quail Springs Permaculture is nonprofit organization dedicated to demonstrating 
and teaching holistic ways of designing human environments, restoring and revitalizing
the land and community, and facilitating deeper understandings of ourselves and 
one another through immersive experiences in nature.

Quail Springs Permaculture

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