[San Diego, CA Permaculture] Permaculture Voices Conference - March 4-8 - San Diego [Tickets On Sale, Scholarships Available]

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Permaculture Voices blends the practical techniques and tactics found in workshops with the entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity of a business conference. 

Each speaker will be focusing on practical and actionable subject matter, than you can use in your own life - either on the backyard/hobby level or in a business.
March 4-8, 2015Sheraton San Diego Hotel & MarinaMore information on Permaculture Voices 2015 at permaculturevoices.com/pv2

Conference Topics Include:    
   -  Urban Permaculture and Agriculture 
   -  Broadacre Permaculture and Ranching 
   -  Social Permaculture 
   -  Appropriate Technology (Rocket Mass Heaters, Gasification) 
   -  Soil Science 
   -  Animal Husbandry, Stockmanship 
   -  Tree Breeding and Propagation 
   -  Business Planning 
   -  Marketing 
   -  Beekeeping 
   -  Google Sketchup 
   -  Establishing Food Hubs 
   -  Permaculture Design - The Process and Business Of 
   -  Ecovillages and Intentional Communities

We have brought together a diverse group of creative and innovative doers in a variety of fields looking to share experiences, knowledge, connect, and create in ways that increase passion, purpose and profit. These doers come from a variety of fields both within and outside of permaculture such as:   
   - Paul Stamets
   - Maddy Harland    

   - Toby Hemenway    

   - Mark Shepard    

   - Gunter Pauli    

   - Larry Santoyo    

   - Pandora Thomas    

   - Jean-Martin Fortier    

   - Curtis Stone    

   - Starhawk 
   - Dr. Elaine Ingham

If money is an issue we have scholarships available, making the 5 day conference a really good value for locals that don't have to travel far. Information on scholarships is available HERE.

   - Permaculture Voices 2014 Video ($245 Value)    

   - The Permaculture Orchard Video ($40 Value)    

   - The Permaculture Orchard Book ($40 Value) 
   - Rob Avis’s Design Your Own Passive Solar Greenhouse Course ($50 Value)

Tickets start at $249. 

For Information and Registration visit: permaculturevoices.com/pv2
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