[San Diego, CA Permaculture] Need media help with a Kickstarter for developing 4D Permaculture CAD software.

Silas Bennett silas.luck at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 14:34:38 PST 2016

    Does anyone here have experience with media (video) presentations. I am
thinking of doing a kickstarter to develop a special purpose Permaculture
CAD software package. Without getting into too much detail, the basic idea
is that it would make use of image layers to represent ecosystem layers and
succession (passage of time) along with a connection to a database (much
like the "Plants for a Future" database). The software would also assist
with earthworks design/simulations, watershed simulations, and intensive
site management (based on weather patterns).

If you are interested in helping with the kickstarter video let me know.


"fork() is the UNIX programmer's hammer. Because it's available, every
problem looks like a nail."
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