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Fri Dec 29 14:15:36 PST 2017

Hi there,

I hope you are having a great holiday season.

I was hoping to ask you to share this trip with anyone who you think might
be interested. This is the last week to register. Thanks in advance for

Warm regards,

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 4:14 PM, Roman Yavich <roman at learnfromtravel.com>

> Dear Friends at San Diego Permaculture Guild,
> I came across San Diego Permaculture Guild doing research on different
> permaculture organizations around the US. I'd like to invite you and people
> in your network on a group trip to Nicaragua this February to visit a
> number of permaculture sites with fellow enthusiasts from different parts
> of the US.
> My company, Learn from Travel, is dedicated to providing educational and
> culturally immersive travel experiences. This trip is planned in
> collaboration with Project Bonafide, Finca Selva Negra, and Casa de Tierra,
> among several other businesses and organizations in Nicaragua exhibiting
> excellent examples of permaculture practice.  We'd love to have someone
> representing San Diego Permaculture Guild on this trip.
> You can learn more about the itinerary for the trip with this link.
> https://www.learnfromtravel.com/permaculture-in-nicaragua/
> <https://learnfromtravel-dot-yamm-track.appspot.com/Redirect?ukey=1EHHS8k6pKTYIX2wIlCXQ0IweJzsYYLDTCmSMj4PQV04-0&key=YAMMID-53655370&link=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.learnfromtravel.com%2Fpermaculture-in-nicaragua%2F>
> Would you have a few minutes for a quick phone call to answer questions
> you might have?
> Best regards,
> Roman Yavich
> Founder, Learn from Travel
> --
> www.learnfromtravel.com
> <https://learnfromtravel-dot-yamm-track.appspot.com/Redirect?ukey=1EHHS8k6pKTYIX2wIlCXQ0IweJzsYYLDTCmSMj4PQV04-0&key=YAMMID-53655370&link=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.learnfromtravel.com>
> info at learnfromtravel.com
> (720) 372-4813
> <https://learnfromtravel-dot-yamm-track.appspot.com/Redirect?ukey=1EHHS8k6pKTYIX2wIlCXQ0IweJzsYYLDTCmSMj4PQV04-0&key=YAMMID-53655370&link=tel%3A(720)%2520372-4813>
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