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Margie Bushman, Santa Barbara Permaculture Network sbpcnet at silcom.com
Tue Mar 5 19:15:51 PST 2019

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Eco Hero Award 

Honoring John D. Liu



Journalist, Filmmaker, Scientist 

 Founder & Ambassador for Ecosystem Restoration Camps


Sunday, March 17,  6:30 - 9pm

TICKETS $10, $20, & Friends of John D. Liu $100

Location: Lobero Theatre

33 E Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Tickets on Sale Now: Lobero Ticket Office

805.963.0761; Lobero.com    


Reception with John D. Liu follows in the Lobero Courtyard

A Community Event Hosted by

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network


Co-sponsors: Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, Community Environmental
Council (CEC), Blue Sky Biochar, Abundant Earth Foundation, Seaborn Designs,
Orella Ranch, Quail Springs Permaculture & the Santa Barbara Independent


Eco Hero Event Facebook Page





Lots More.


Together, we can help restore paradise on earth.  John D. Liu


Join Santa Barbara Permaculture Network on Sunday, March 17, at the Lobero
Theater, for the first annual Eco Hero Award, honoring John D. Liu,
international journalist, award-winning documentary filmmaker, soil
scientist, founder and ambassador for the global network of Ecosystem
Restoration Camps <https://www.ecosystemrestorationcamps.org/foundation/> . 

Vast areas of the Earth have been degraded and turned to desert by human
activity over the millennia, causing drought, poverty, and releasing carbon
into the atmosphere with bad soil practices.  The U.N. currently estimates
the Earth has almost 5 billion acres of deforested and degraded ecosystems,
an area larger than the South American continent.

John D. Liu considers Global Ecosystem Restoration the great work of our

As a young Chinese American, John D. Liu's early career started as a
cameraman and journalist covering major geopolitical events.  In 1995 he got
an assignment to film the Loess Plateau, one of the driest and poorest
regions in China, where the Chinese government and the local people of the
region transformed a massive degraded area the size of Belgium into a
verdant and productive green oasis.  

Stunned by what he saw and with the realization this ecosystem restoration
model could be replicated around the world, Liu was inspired to become a
soil scientist, and spent the next twenty years visiting more than eighty
countries documenting similar large scale ecosystem restoration projects,
eventually creating the award winning What if We Change, and Hope in a
Changing Climate <http://eempc.org/project/>  film series.   Broadcast on
CBS, BBC, National Geographic and other outlets, these film series cover
successful ecosystem restoration projects in Portugal, Jordan, China,
Ethiopia, Sweden, Rwanda, Spain, Mongolia, Uganda, Australia and more.  


With his work and films John D. Liu shows what is possible for the Earth
with ecosystem restoration, delivering a message of hope and inspiration.
But Liu also feels the human species is at a crossroads, to survive or not
survive as a civilization.  Former cradles of civilization have failed by
depleting their ecosystems, but for the first time, there is the potential
of losing the planet as a home by disrupting all its functioning systems.   


Understanding how the ecological functions of our planet work is key to our
survival, and Liu suggests healthy ecosystems are where all of our wealth
actually comes from.   Will we design economic and production systems from
scarcity and ignorance, continually depleting and extracting, or from
abundance, with new models that protect, enhance, and preserve ecosystems,
working with nature to assist with what an evolving planet is always
prepared to do, rehabilitate itself and flourish.


Bringing this restoration vision into the 21st century,  Liu and others
launched the Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement, where he currently serves
as  Ambassador for the global Ecosystem Restoration Camp
<https://www.ecosystemrestorationcamps.org/foundation/>  network.  The
Ecosystem Restoration camps are for youth and all ages to come together and
learn practical hands on skills and effective strategies for restoring soil
and water cycles, reversing desertification, and ultimately mitigating
climate change.   Camp Altiplano, the first ecosystem restoration camp,
located in a large emerging desert in Spain, celebrated its first
anniversary last summer.  Other camps are in the works, including a camp in
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and a developing site in Paradise,
California, where devasting wildfires took place last Fall.  


After the Eco Hero award is presented,  John D. Liu will share personal
stories about his experiences over the decades, and update the audience
about the developing Ecosystem Restoration camps and how others might get


Santa Barbara Permaculture Network will also recognize individuals and
groups doing regenerative and ecosystem restoration work in the Santa
Barbara and Southern California area.


A reception follows the event in the Lobero Courtyard, where all are welcome
to meet and converse with John D. Liu. 


The event takes place at the Lobero Theatre on March 17, from 6:30 - 9pm,
tickets on sale at the Lobero Ticket office, 805.963.0761; Lobero.com.
Please visit our website for more information,
<http://www.sbpermaculture.org> www.sbpermaculture.org




More Info:


Eco Hero Event Facebook Page


John D. Liu Bio:


Founder of the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP), Senior Research
Fellow with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (
<https://www.iucn.org/> IUCN): Visiting Fellow with the Critical Zone
Hydrology Group;  Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at the Vrije University
Amsterdam.  Chairman of the Advisory Board for the
<https://www.ecosystemrestorationcamps.org/foundation/> Ecosystem Camps
Foundation, and currently serves as Ecosystem Ambassador for the
<https://www.commonland.com/en/> Commonland Foundation.


UN Ecosystem Proclamation: March 1, 2019


Just Released: Official Announcement from UN Environment:

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration offers unparalleled opportunity for job
creation, food security and addressing climate change:


Ecosystem Restoration Camps:


A grassroots non-profit organization that is engaging people to transform
damaged landscapes into thriving, biodiverse ecosystems. The organization
was founded in response to a groundswell of support from people worldwide
who see the amazing potential of soil restoration



Ecosystem Restoration Camps California Group 











(805) 962-2571
P.O. Box 92156, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
margie at sbpermaculture.org
 <http://www.sbpermaculture.org/> http://www.sbpermaculture.org

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