Hey Fellow Concerned Citizens, 

The Urban Farm at City College is in its last days of fundraising through the kickstarter program for a greenhouse. 

Did you check out the prizes at the upper levels?   They need to raise another $7K in a week. A couple of the gifts for pledging $$ are: $750 - a 10x10 veggie garden installed by farm apprentices, $1000 - a dinner for you and 10 friends at the farm or at your house provided by the farmers from the program with organic produce from the garden! 

Do you know of any event coming up where people may be interested in donating a 10x10 veggie garden or a Farm-to-Table dinner for 10 friends for an auction item.  If enough of people come together on one of these amounts to donate one of these gifts to an event, it would double your money's effect: Helping City College, helping your organization! Do you know 7-10 friends who can donate $100?  Every little bit helps the farm. Just in the last few days, they more than doubled their pledges. 

Or just pledge $10 to the farm, anything helps!

Thanks for your care!

Brook Sarson
Smart Water Savings