[Santa_Cruz_Permaculture] Report from Relocalization with Joel Salatin, by Owen Hablutzel, Permaculture Research Institute

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Wed Feb 10 18:27:14 PST 2010

"A world thus renewed and re-localized is the vision, and self-described
"ministry," Joel Salatin has developed over a lifetime. During these two
days he is sharing and communicating that vision to those assembled here, at
Ranch (where this event is batting 'clean-up' as the final module of the
leading-edge Carbon Economy Course <http://www.carboneconomysb.com/>
series). A packed house of fifty participants (including local and
international farmers, eco-preneurs, Permaculturalists, local-foodies,
ranchers, and assorted eco-adventurers) are definitely here to listen,
question, learn, and to be inspired. A highly expressive and engaging
speaker, Mr. Salatin elucidates his life's work with all the fiery passion
of a down-home religious revival. Call it "LUNATIC FARMING 101" and you
would not be far from the mark (Mr. Salatin in fact relates that his next
book will be titled The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer). With
"Lunatic Farming" and a comprehensive strategy for re-localizing the world
there is no shortage of indispensable advice, along with plenty of good
humor, being absorbed and shared here." - Owen Hablutzel


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