[Santa_Cruz_Permaculture] 2011 2nd SO Cal Permaculture Convergence - help wanted

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Fri Dec 10 08:10:57 PST 2010

--P.lease forward to anyone you think might be interested in helping--


Happy Holidays everyone,

A few of us have been working hard to organize the 2nd Southern 
California Permaculture Convergence which is tentatively scheduled 
for May 13-15, 2011.  We have an exciting location located at the 
LA/Ventura County line at a camp overlooking the ocean.  A beautiful 
place for us all to gather and build our network of permaculturist 
and earth activists.  Plus, we'll have some pretty amazing keynotes 
at this year's convergence.

In order for us to make that happen we need your help.  Mainly, what 
we are looking for is to raise the money for the deposit and 
insurance.  We have already raised $1000, but we still need an 
additional $2000.  This is where you come in.  We are interested in 
all sorts of possibilities to raise these funds.  There are 3 ways 
that we have identified you can help.

1. Raising funds.  We are really interested in raising donations for 
this money because it would be  nice to keep $3000 in reserve so that 
future convergences will not have to find ways to come up with 
deposit and insurance money, ensuring many more convergences to come. 
 This could mean that anyone of you contact me with the amount that 
you would like to donate and we'll name you as sponsor for the event 
(we could also use someone who would be into finding sponsors) or we 
can start a Kickstarter campaign (which we would love some help 
putting together)

2. Loan the money.  Once we have the sign ups coming in we would have 
enough to pay you back no problem.  Loan size can range from 
$100-$2000.  Turn around time for getting paid back would be no later 
than April 31, 2011

3. Presale tickets.  We are now accepting orders for Pre-sale 
tickets.   By pre-ordering you can get priority bunkhouse assignments 
and a discount off the ticket price.  $140 will reserve your space in 
a bunk house and deliciously cooked organic meals.  $120 reserves 
your space in the limited camping area as well as deliciously cooked 
organic meals.  Plus, you would be getting us that much closer to 
reserving a space, a space we can gather at for 3 beautiful days 
overlooking the ocean.

Well, that's it. Almost.  Like I already mentioned, we could use some 
more help on the planning end as well.  We're also looking for people 
to help in these areas:

graphic artist
web designer
Anyone that helps gets a super discounted price on the convergence.

Thanks from the Convergence planning crew.
Contact Sean Jennings <swjennings at gmail.com>
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