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*Oregon State University’s Department of Horticulture presents:*

*Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum ONLINE*


Join in this project-based teaching that builds on the curriculum of the
Permaculture Design Course. Each student chooses a design project track
from one of four areas: broad scale rural farm or ranch, urban neighborhood
or community development, educational institution or organization, or
commercial property and business development. Students will conduct an
in-depth site analysis and draft a design document to be completed halfway
through the course. The document will be reviewed and a research topic
assigned to fill in knowledge gaps related to the design. The student will
revise all or part of the design based on the research, creating an
extensive project portfolio and receiving instructor and student feedback

This course is run through the OSU extended campus Blackboard system and
consists of narrated and animated PowerPoint and video presentations,
assignments, selected readings and videos, and written feedback as well as
one-on-one video chat communication. Students will post their assignments
on blogs and will receive feedback from an instructor and other students.
Students will have the opportunity to meet the instructor in person or
through video chat at the beginning of the research and design revision
stages of the course.

Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum is for PDC graduates who want to
deepen their design fluency in a guided and supportive structure. Whether
you went through your PDC as an OSU student or through another
organization, this course will enhance your Permaculture design literacy
and give you more confidence to design professionally in a diversity of

Instructor: Andrew Millison

Please contact with questions: amillison at gmail.com

Cost: $744

3 College Credits are available for this course


If you took a PDC other than Hort 285/285 at OSU, please contact Andrew
Millison before you register. Thanks!

*Course Topics**            *

1) Professional Permaculture Design Process
2) Site Analysis Documentation

3) Client Communication
4) Broad-scale Rural Farm or Ranch Development
5) Urban Neighborhood or Community Development
6) Commercial Property and Business Development

7) Educational Institution or Organizational Site Development
8) Design Presentation
9) Specialized Research Topics

*Course Schedule and Assignments: Subject to Change*

*WEEK 1: Site Selection and Goals Identification*

            *PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Introduction, Site
Selection and Scale, Future Scenarios

*            Assignments*: Readings, Site Selection, Project Goals, Client
Profile, Scenario Planning

*WEEK 2: Regional Site Analysis, Climate Specific Strategies *

*            **PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Macro Pattern Analysis

*Assignments: *Readings, Regional Analysis, Climate Strategies Overview,
Climate Analogue Identification, Client Survey Adapt

*WEEK 3: Site Analysis Property Scale*

*            **PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Integrating Site
Analysis Data

            *Assignments: *Readings, Site Analysis Document

*WEEK 4: Design Concept***

*PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Neighborhood Succession and the

Permaculture Zones

            *Assignments: *Readings, Conceptual Design Draft

*WEEK 5: Design Development*

*            PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Designing with Institutions

            *Assignments: *Readings, Design Project

*WEEK 6: Research Topic   *

*PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Commercial Developments and

*Skype Consultation or Meeting*: Places to Deepen Knowledge Through
Research, Design Critique, Identifying Knowledge Gaps

            *Assignments: *Readings, Research Topic, Sources

*WEEK 7: Research*

*            **PowerPoint and Video Presentation*: Permaculture Resources

*WEEK 8: Research Presentation*

            *Assignments: *Readings, Research Paper

*WEEK 9*: Design Development

*            Skype Consultation or Meeting*: Deepening the Design

            *Assignments: *Readings, Design Development

*WEEK 10*: Design Presentation

*            **Assignments: *Readings, Final Design Due

*Required Texts*

Mollison, Bill. *Permaculture Designer’s Manual*

Holmgren, David*. Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability

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