[Santa Cruz, CA Permaculture] The Acorn Gathering: Register now to SAVE $$

info at acorngathering.com info at acorngathering.com
Mon Feb 24 15:58:56 PST 2014

Want to learn more skills that you will
have for the rest of your life? 
If so, come to The Acorn Gathering... It's a 6 day/5 night event on
the Gaviota Coast above Santa Barbara. Come hike, explore, and listen and
craft new things from a few of the following classes:
Primitive Pottery, Fish skin tanning, deer hide
tanning, cobb oven making, buckskin bag sewing, black smithing, food
fermentation, archery, natural plant dyes, Permaculture, friction fire,
basketry of many types, animal tracking, bird watching/language, spear
fishing, animal processing, Herbal Medicine making, knife
sharpening/awareness, African drum and dance, and more!! Kids

Prices go up this Saturday,
March 1st for Adults (to $350)... Until then, get registered for $325
(mail-in) or $335 via paypal... Either way, go to our website: http://www.acorngathering.com
and read about how this event works, looks
like, feels like!
Luna & Gabriel and the Acorn Gathering
info at acorngathering.com

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