[Santa Cruz, CA Permaculture] From Lawn to Productive and Profitable Mini-Farm at the Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange (January 18)

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*​Urban Farmer Curtis Stone launches his first book, The Urban Farmer, with
stops throughout California. *

*Join him in Santa Cruz on January 18 for an evening lecture - From Lawn to
Productive and Profitable Mini-Farm, Q&A, a book signing, and socializing
at the Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange. *

*This event is co-sponsored by The Farmers Guild.*

Monday, January 18, 2016
Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange
1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz, CA  95062

>From Lawn to Productive and Profitable Mini-Farm

In this presentation Curtis will walk you through the process in which a
2100 square foot lawn can be converted to a productive mini farm.

He’ll discuss the technical process of conversion, and the economics of
producing out of that plot once it has been converted.

Curtis will demonstrate that your average lawn can be a considerable source
of revenue, generating $18,000, or a significant source of food for the

This talk will be useful for anyone who is curious about how much food can
be harvested from an average lawn space, or anyone who is interested in
commercial urban farming.

The presentation will be followed up by Q&A.

We are requesting a $5 donation to benefit the co-sponsors:  The Farmers
Guild & Permaculture Voices.  You can pre-register online
or pay at the door.

*This talk is an introduction to the full day Profitable Urban Farming
workshops which will take place In Oakland on January 16, Sonoma on January
17, Pasadena on January 21, and San Diego on January 22. *

*For more information on those workshops visit

When and Where:
Monday, January 18, 2016
Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange
1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz, CA  95062

*About Curtis Stone:*
Curtis Stone is an urban farmer, author, speaker and consultant. His area
of expertise is in quick growing, high value annual vegetables for direct
consumer market streams. His book,* The Urban Farmer,* demonstrates organic
intensive techniques with a focus on business and systems to stream line
labor and production. He offers a new way to think about farming. One where
quality of life and profitability coexist.

You can learn more about Curtis in this interview, Profitable Urban Farming
with Curtis Stone at: permaculturevoices.com/26


*About The Urban Farmer book:*

There are over 40 million acres of lawn in North America. In their current
form, these unproductive expanses of grass represent a significant
financial and environmental cost. However, viewed through a different lens,
they can also be seen as a tremendous source of opportunity. Access to land
is a major barrier for many people who want to enter the agricultural
sector, and urban and suburban yards have huge potential for would-be
farmers wanting to become part of this growing movement.

The Urban Farmer is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical manual to help you
learn the techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living
growing high-yield, high-value crops right in your own backyard (or someone

*“The Urban Farmer is simply the best guide out there for anyone wanting to
grow vegetables for market. Chock full of practical information on costs,
business planning, the best crops to grow, how much land to farm, growing
techniques, and how to develop markets, this book covers it all.”Toby
Hemenway, author of Gaia's Garden and The Permaculture City“I have no
hesitation in saying that The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone is one of the
most important, and overdue, books on urban agriculture ever published. It
is simultaneously deeply visionary and immensely practical.” Rob Hopkins,
Founder of the Transition Movement*

Learn more about the 2016 Book Tour at

*Questions?  Email info at permaculturevoices.com
<info at permaculturevoices.com>*

Founder, Permaculture Voices
PV3 | March 2-5, 2016 | San Diego
Tickets for PV3 are on sale now <http://www.permaculturevoices.com/pv3>.
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