[Santa Cruz, CA Permaculture] Perennial Vegetables!

Andre d'Anjou andred863 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 12:41:26 PDT 2016

Greetings, my name is Andre d'Anjou and i wanted to ask all of you about perennial vegetables known to you, whether through cultivation or hearsay. Im currently staying in Santa Cruz while attending the apprenticeship at the UCSC farm, through the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. Back home in South Florida i focus on perennial based food systems, mimicking nature and using all available resources to attain a regenerative goal of production, i will return to Florida in November to resume working at Treehugger Organic Farms. Within the program i see little to no information about the importance of perennial vegetables, possible growing systems, and reasons for cultivation. Although essential in the tropics, perennial vegetables to me seem even more imperative here in California where water use is an issue, amongst other reasons. my goal during my short stay here is to gather and propagate as many perennial vegetables and fruits so that i may share some of what I’ve learned regarding them. Seeing as this climate and enviornment is much different than the sub tropical and humid home I’m used to I’m learning as well. Below I’ve attached a short list of some perennial vegetables that i believe may have a chance to grow and thrive in this climate on the central coast. I’ve gathered information for this list through many resources, a few being Eric Toensmeier’s books, and Joseph Simcox’s adventures and publishings. 

I know its a bit lengthy but i would appreciate it if you could take a look through it. Im looking to get my hands on any of these plants that you may be willing to share or trade for, as well as any information that could point me in the right direction! I realize that this list is incomplete and there are more than likely tons of other plants that can be grown in this area, I’m interested in those too! Thank you and have a beautiful day, i look forward to hearing from you.

P.s. If anyone is a member of or knows of someone within the Horticultural society of San Fransisco I’m looking for someone i can ask a few questions to! Thanks again.

Andre d'Anjou
Farmer & Permaculture Designer
Treehugger Organic Farms 

andred863 at gmail.com

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