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 <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF704vAgjwo&feature=youtu.be>Ali Sharif is a Permaculture pioneer who over 30 years ago took a Permaculture Design Course taught by Bill Mollison on Whidbey Island in Washington. At the end of the course Bill Mollison approached each PC grad with a mike and asked them pointedly "just what are you going to do with this knowledge, RIGHT NOW?!" 

Ali answered immediately "I'm in Bill, I will dedicate my life to Permaculture" and Bill pointed him to South America and said "go there", and he did, spending the next 27 years in the Amazon.  We visited in 2007, four of the sites he had developed in different ecosystems of Brazil, when attending the International Permaculture Conference and Conference (IPC8).

In 2010 Bill asked him to go to Africa and for six years now he has worked in southern Mozambique in an area of resettled communities where civil war lasted for 12 years, and where there is severe malnutrition, HIV, no reliable potable water, and grinding poverty - can permaculture flower in such a place?

Instituto Permaculture Mozambique (IPERMO) is Ali's organization.

Ali Sharif is a permaculture expert who has worked with communities to establish several dozen projects on three continents. He began working full time in the southern cone of Africa in 2010 and has helped initiate several small support projects in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. 

Ali says he hopes to see you all at the next International Permaculture Convergence in India! (IPC13, Nov 2017, http://ipcindia2017.org <http://ipcindia2017.org/>)

This interview we did with Ali Sharif took place at Casitas Valley Farm during his visit in Santa Barbara this week-

Ali is a dear friend of both Margie Bushman and myself, we first met him at our first International Permaculture Convergence (IPC) in Croatia in 2005, later at the IPC he convened in Brazil in 2007.

(apologies for accidental 3 minutes of thumb in the frame of the video)

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