[Santa Cruz, CA Permaculture] Asanté Gardens 2018 Fundraiser

John Calvert jcalvert at crystal3.com
Fri Jun 15 04:46:21 PDT 2018

*Aloha from Asanté Gardens* permaculture farm and emerging eco village on Papaya Farms Rd, Big Island, Hawaii, where we are cultivating and caretaking an amazing tropical food forest.  Right now we are in the midst of a major eruption of Kilauea volcano, with a fissure spewing a fountain of molten rock 200 ft. into the air constantly, every day, feeding a lava river.  This massive river is about 8 miles long and passes by about 1 mile south of us on its way to the ocean.

We have been displaced and greatly affected by this eruption, though our farm is thankfully still intact, and the access roads are good. We are grateful, yet Pele is still pumping lava and so we are watching very carefully.

At this time we are asking for donations to help offset the work we've been doing as we have been constantly monitoring the eruption, evacuating and moving belongings, and helping our friends and neighbors.  Due to all this, our income has been very low while our mortgage payments and other bills are outstanding.

We are planning a durian CSA this year, so if all goes well we'll gladly reward donations of $100 or more with premium durian fruit (local, on-island), or ship it to the mainland or inter-island (you pay shipping).

Donations in any amountare greatly appreciated and helpful for us, and please also forward this email to your friends, family, and associates.

*[ View our VIDEO and make a donation online <http://crystal3.com/fundraiser.html> ]*

Mahalo nui loa
and blessings and aloha to all
in these deeply transformational, historic and enlivening times
/John (Rajan), Jamila, & Quinn/


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