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Marcia Boruta
San Diego Permaculture Center, (619) 298-8879

Permaculture Camp
A Quarterly Workshop on Sustainable Living

Tuesday, July 25 to Saturday, July 29, 2000
Camp Stevens, Julian, CA

Presented by the
Permaculture Institute of Southern California
San Diego Permaculture Center
Camp Stevens, Episcopal Dioceses of Los Angeles & San Diego

Thirty years have passed since the first Earth Day.  By now, we know the
awful truth.  The way we live and make a living is harmful to the health of
the planet and the people. We need to change, but how?

Come to Permaculture Camp and explore what it means to "live sustainably"-
* Learn about permaculture, an ecological design process for meeting human
needs regeneratively.
* Network with others who share your concerns and develop collaborations
for local economic self-reliance.
* Create (or refine) your own plan for living better with nature both at
home and in your community.
* Participate in the development of an ecologically responsible plan for
Camp Stevens.

The setting is beautiful Camp Stevens nestled in 260 acres of pine-oak
woodland in the mountains near Julian. The workshop begins with a 6 p.m.
dinner on Tuesday, July 25 followed by an opening session at 7 p.m.  The
daily program starts at 9:00 a.m. and focuses on a special theme each day:

* Wed., July 26 - Food Gardening & Waste Recycling (composting)
* Thu., July 27-Shelter (including strawbale & sustainable materials)
* Fri., July 28 - Renewable Water & Energy Systems
The workshop concludes with a morning session on Saturday, July 29.  Guests
are welcome to stay for the afternoon picnic celebrating the addition of
130 acres to Camp Stevens.

The workshop leaders include: Dr. Bill Roley, Permaculture Institute of So.
CA; Marcia Boruta & Skip Fralick, S.D. Permaculture Center; Peter
Bergstrom, Camp Stevens; Drew Hubbell, Hubbell & Hubbell Architects; Scott
Murray, organic farmer; Ken Haggard & Polly Cooper, Sustainability Design
Group; Bill Wilson, Environmental Design; and other special guests.

Come for the full session or one day or more. Lodging is enclosed dormitory
cabins (6-12 beds per room) or open-air A-frame cabins (for groups of 3 or
more) with shared restroom facilities. Bring your bedding/sleeping bag,
pillow & towel.

The cost of the workshop is:
* Full Session Rate (Tues-Sat):
$275 (4 nights lodging, 11 meals) or $135 (no lodging, lunches only)
* Per Day Rate (Wed-Fri):
$70 (1 night lodging, 3 meals) or $35 (no lodging, lunch only)
* Rates for Children: Although the workshop is intended for adults,
children are welcome to join in Family Camp activities running concurrently
at Camp Stevens. The full session cost is $150 ages 12+, $100 ages 2-11, $0
under 2.

* For information:
San Diego Permaculture Center, 619-298-8879, sdecc at
Permaculture Institute of So. CA 949-494-5843, drroley at

* Transportation: Car pooling is encouraged.
Camp Stevens is served by NE Rural Bus Service, 760-767-4287

* To reserve a space:
Send the form below with a $25 non-refundable deposit to:
Camp Stevens, P.O. Box 2320, Julian, CA 92036.
Tel: 760-765-0028

* Future Workshops:
The next Permaculture Camp is planned for November 17-19, 2000.
Please sign me (us) up for Permaculture Camp, July 25-29, 2000

Full Session: ___ with lodging  ___ no lodging
Per Day:
___ Wed. 7/26   ___ with lodging ____ no lodging
___ Thu. 7/27   ___ with lodging ____ no lodging
___ Fri. 7/28   ___ with lodging ____ no lodging
Address __________________________________________________
City/State _______________________________ Zip ______________
Phone __________________ Fax____________ E-mail____________

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