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>willl he been giving a course anywhere else in the US like the west coast?

I'm willing to organize a Mollison event here in Ojai, especially if it is 
simpler than an entire design course, and that there's good participation by 
guild locals in preparation.

If someone wishes to contact Bill, let's set it up. We can gather the 
currency and interest to stoke him in this abundant region.

Let me know off list to start: seedmind at,
Akiva Werbalowsky
Ojai, CA

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Subject: Bill Mollison USA Workshop
>   Dear Friend,
>   I would like to invite you to a 3-day workshop by Dr. Bill Mollison,
>   the founder of Permaculture, October 10-12, 2000 in NW Louisiana. His
>   course precedes a Permaculture Design Certificate Course offered
>   October 16-28 by Geoff Lawton, appointed Director of the Permaculture
>   Research Institute by Mollison in 1997. These events will mark the
>   beginning of the demonstration center being established at this site.
>   Internationally renowned teacher and author of seven books, Dr.
>   Mollison, called the Father of Permaculture, is stepping out of
>   retirement to teach a three-day Permaculture course at the Northwest
>   Louisiana Commerce Center.
>   This course supports efforts to develop a North American demonstration
>   of sustainable agriculture and commerce at the deactivated Louisiana
>   Army Ammunition Plant, where plans are under way to renovate the area
>   for Permaculture practices.
>   Please see the attached invitation and registration form. Please
>   contact me if you cannot open these forms and would like to receive
>   information by mail.
>   Workshop: Early Registration - $350, After Sept. 1 - $395 (Student
>   Price - $295)
>   PDC: Early Registration - $795, After Sept. 1 - $995
>   Package: Early Registration - $1000, After Sept. 1 - $1200
>   Permaculture education includes principles and practices of
>   sustainable soil, water, crop, forest, architectural, business, and
>   finance systems – ethical investment, community loan support and small
>   business management.
>   Permaculture, from PERMAnent agriCULTURE, is an integrated system of
>   design including not only agriculture, horticulture, architecture and
>   ecology but also land access strategies and economic systems for small
>   businesses and communities.
>   Taken from the Latin, permanens, to endure or persist through time and
>   cultura, cultures - permaculture is an interdisciplinary design
>   science focused on sustainable system design. Sustainable systems are
>   defined as those that, over their lifetime, produce energy equivalent
>   to or in excess of what they consume.
>   Permaculture operates on three ethics: care of the earth, care of the
>   species and return of excess to the first two.
>   Sincerely,
>   Victor A. Guadagno
>   Program Manager ? NWLCC
>   303-247-1800 - phone
>   303-247-1833 ? fax
>   vica at

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