Bill Mollison USA Workshop?

julia pfeifer juliapfeifer at
Thu Jul 27 10:23:08 PDT 2000

  It makes perfect sense to have Bill out west.  Now I spoke with Mike 
Collins this morning and he is interested in hosting Bill M. at Sonoma 
Permaculture.  He is going to contact him and find out how much $ he needs 
to come out. Sounds like a beginning.

>From: Paul n Shelley <pracko at>
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>Subject: Re: Bill Mollison USA Workshop?
>Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:12:36 -0700
>I'd be interested too, esp. a 2-3 day workshop. keep me updated.
>Paul Racko
>Long Beach Organic
>JLOjai at wrote:
> >
> > Yes! I'm interested in a Mollison workshop (especially the shorter ones, 
> > days) in Ojai. Especially if he's gearing it toward permaculture for
> > beginners.
> > Thanks,
> > Julie
> >
> > To all those interested,
> >   I would be interested in seeing Bill M. come to Ojai and do a 
>workshop.  I
> > am sure there is enough interest to put together a good sized paying 
> > I would be willing to be involved in making that happen.  It makes sense 
> > he is in the states to get him to the west coast. Who can contact him?
> > Let's act fast on this.
> > Julia

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