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South Coast Permaculture Guild Contacts and other Organizations of Interest

South Coast Permaculture Guild  Margie Bushman sbpcnet at 805-962-2571
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network:  Margie Bushman sbpcnet at
Ojai Permaculture Guild: Dave White        artdetour at   805-646-9809
Central Coast Permaculture Guild: Rob Kimmel  zigge at  805-438-5745
San Diego Permaculture Guild: San Diego Economic Conversion Council
sdecc at (619) 298-8879
Cal Poly Student Farm in SLO:Alexis Pouillon   sustclub at 
                                Hunter Francis    wfrancis at
Long Beach Organics: Paul Racko         pracko at  562-438-9000
Southern East Sierra: Tom Drummond                                      
Pc Institute of Southern Cal: Bill Roley                DrRoley at      
Santoyo&Associates                              dotcalm at         
LA EcoVillage: Lois Arkin                       crsp at            
Permaculture Activist Website         

Hi everyone

August 2000 Newsletter Content: 
1) List of Aug  2000 Events, Road trip to visit Ojai Permaculture Sites, Solar
2) List of Future Events, Mushrooms Workshop , Workshop with Dr. Bill Mollison
founder Permaculture
3) Perma News   ON Line Permaculture Course 
4) List of interesting Websites, Eco soul and PRI newcomer guides to
5) Subscribe to South Coast, Central Coast, San Diego Permaculture Guild
6)Please send listings and events for next email news by Aug 25 to
lakinroe at

1. August Events
August 5 Saturday  9AM  Ojai Permaculture Guild Learn to Build with straw
High Winds ranch in the Upper Ojai
Hands-on opportunity - completion of two walls - come to watch or 
help (bring gloves) Refreshments will be served
Please RSVP to Jim and Sarah Rush, 525 3064

Location Los Angeles Eco-Village  117 Bimini  Los Angeles CA 90004 in the
Cost donation $5
Ken is an Urban and Regional Planner who has over 10 years of community 
living experience. Flame is on the board of the Federation of Egalitarian
Communities and 
has lived at Acorn for five years.Raven has lived at Acorn for over three
years, working on a variety of 
Acorn and Twin Oaks are members of the Federation of Egalitarian 
Communities <>, a network of 12 intentional communities 
which embrace four principle values: income sharing, egalitarianism, 
nonviolence, and cooperation. FEC communities hold their land, labor 
and other resources in common, and are committed to equality, ecology, 
and participatory government. The network was founded in 1976. Our 
three guests will share slides, stories, and dialogue with us
Potluck Dinner at 6:30 pm  contact for details***
Please RSVP to: Lois Arkin, 213/738-1254 or <crsp at> for directions
Space is limited!

Aug 12-13 Sat/Sun Roadtrip to Permaculture Sites and others interesting sites
in Ojai Ca 
Roadtrip Trip is free
This will be a two day trip to Ojai with camp over swim and Potluck supper
Saturday with a visit to Ojai Farmers Market on Sunday morning. The visits
include a suburban Permaculture site, Happy Valley School tour with Dave White
showing how the site has grown and integrated Permaculture teaching at the
school and plantings that are producing food that are slowly working there way
into the school kitchen and more, a working organic farm of Steve Sprinkel is
on the same site, also the Full Circle Farm an amazing site that has  high
levels of social living and interaction plus gardens grey water systems and
weaving the natural surroundings and plant life into a community. Next a food
forest site which in so productive with trees and annuals and a slowly
developing site nearby that shows how reading the landscape and interacting
with the strong forces of nature is so important to vision how a Permaculture
site develops.. Also Tom Baldwin site which again shows how a important social
interaction are to the functioning of a site where we will end up Sunday
afternoon for a gathering which includes art and music and more. this is
also a
site with an amazing food forest developing.
Contact Wes Roe lakinroe at at 805-964-1555

Fri thru Sun Aug 11-20 Natural Buildings
Summertown, TN, The Farm Community.

Learn to build a "Nebraska Style" strawbale cabin, basic techniques of cob
construction, timber frame, wattle and daub, stone, mud plasters, earth
living roofs, domes and compressed arches, rammed earth and earthbags, and
other examples of the natural bldg revolution. Instructors: Joe Kennedy,
Switzer, Albert Bates.
Course fees ($800) include tuition, meals, and lodging. Prices, dates and
instructors subject to change. $50 discount for payment a month in advance or
for registering a friend. Non-refundable deposit to register. Contact us for
scholarship or work-trade arrangements.
Meals at the training center generally include 3 gourmet vegan meals
(breakfast, lunch and dinner) and beverage and fruit breaks each full course
About The Farm
The Farm is one of the largest and best known intentional communities in the
U.S. Located on 1750 wooded acres in south central Tennessee, it is home to
approximately 200 persons today. Founded in 1971 with a spiritual
commitment to
simple living and self-reliance, The Farm has pioneered a wide range of social
and physical technologies appropriate to low-cost, high satisfaction community
living. This tradition of entrepreneurship and progressive social change is
embodied in Your Inn at The Farm. The Inn provides comfortable accommodations
for participatory training in all aspects of village design and social
organization for planetary transformation. The surrounding Farm community
offers examples of solar building design, micro-enterprise, mushroom
cultivation for food, medicine and bioremediation, large scale composting and
garden production, and regenerative hardwood forest management.

Our courses will be useful for people with varying levels of experience, from
backyard gardeners and self-build homebuilders to design and educational

Natural Buildings Course
Ecovillage Training Center
P.O. Box 90, Summertown TN, USA 38483-0090
* Phone 931-964-4474
* Fax: (country code +) 931-964-2200
* Email: ecovillage at

August 16th Wednesday  7pm Santa Barbara CA Organic Garden Club
The Joys of Organic Gardening: Practical Tips for New and Experienced
Gildea Center/Community Environmental Council at 930 Miramonte Drive 
A new local group, the Santa Barbara Organic Garden Club, met for the first 
time on July 12. The group hopes to support the efforts of all gardeners in 
our community as they "say no to poisons." Everyone from the patio-gardening 
organic novice to more experienced organic gardeners and professional 
land-tenders is welcome.
For more info or to get on our e-mail list so you'll hear about upcoming 
Contact Linda or Larry at 563-2089. LBUZZELL at 

Sat Aug 26 10am-4pm. From Farm to Classroom 
Fairview Gardens at the Center for Urban Agriculture co sponsored Community
Environmental Council
A workshop for Teachers, Parents-Volunteers and Community members free
For Info and to register call Tara Ezrahti at the CEC 805-963-0583 ex 115

Sat/Sun August 26 & 27 SolFest 2000, 
Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland, CA. 
A solar and good living fair hosted by the non-profit 
Institute for Solar Living, featuring speakers Ralph Nader, and Julia 
Butterfly Hill, plus Saturday evening dance concert. Over 40 workshops 
on green living and renewable energy, tours, kid’s activities, 
outrageous entertainment, exhibitors and great food and drink. For more 
information, call 707-744-2017, or check the web at

South Coast Watershed Alliance's "Great Friday"!!! 
Location: Santa Barbara CA County Courthouse Sunken Gardens Time: 12:00 PM 
Contact Name: Misty  Gonzales Email: misty.gonzales at 
For anyone interested in exploring broader social and environmental issues
related to this bio-region,SCWA's 
bioregional group will meet the last Friday of each month ("Great Fridays")
now these informal brown-bag lunch meetings will be held at the County Court
House sunken Gardens at 12:00 noon.
        We'll discuss "community", "sustainability' and "bioregionalism' for
this community- which includes business people, students, academia, seniors,
trades people, fishing and AG folks , artists, environmentalists and non
environmentalists alike. Through this process we hope to rebuild our
instill hope, celebrate diversity(human and plant&animal) and begin to protect
and rebuild our commons. in this group's discussions so far we see this broad
bioregionalism discussion as a way to preserve social networks, connectivity
and "roots" to the community and environment.

2. Future events

Food for Thought: Discussion Groups at the Farm 
A Great Program offered by Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview  Gardens
Goleta CA 
Join us on one night of each month in the living room of the historic 
farmhouse- or on warm nights, around a bonfire under the stars-as we 
host informal discussions groups where members of the community come 
together to talk about issues relating to food and agriculture.

TIME: 7:00-9:30 pm 
Request donation $5.00 per session , to cover the costs of refreshments 
and materials. Participation will be limited to 40 people
Mondays September 18 Water , October 16 Energy and fuels ,November 13
Globalization , Dec 4 Soil
At Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens .598 North Fairview 
Ave. Goleta CA 805-967-7369 fax 805-967-0188 Email fairviewg at

A Permaculture Design Course for Farmers 
August 28 - September 8, 2000 
Tiptonville, (Lake County) West Tennessee
This certificate course is intended for farmers or those wanting to 
farm with an emphasis on the mid-South and Mississippi Delta 
regions. Four of America's most experienced permaculture and 
sustainable agriculture teachers will facilitate this exciting event.
Lake County, Tennessee, is one of the most fertile agriculture regions 
in the nation - the area teems with wildlife - but is challenged by the 
social, economic and ecological dilemmas of conventional agriculture.
Together we will design a new future for this 4,000 acre 
eight-generation family farm on the banks of the Mississippi River. 
With organic production for over ten years, now, the Donaldson family 
is ready to take it to the next level. This is a great opportunity to 
learn how landscape design and whole farm planning can make 
farming healthy, environmentally responsible, and profitable again.
We will explore the links between farmers, land, and community and 
learn how we can mend the tattered fabric of rural America.
Scholarship funds are available and minority farmers in particular are 
encouraged to enroll.
Instructors: Peter Bane, Eric Kindberg, Chuck Marsh, Larry Santoyo, 
Cost: $550 includes tuition, camping, meals and materials, $100 
deposit required to register, $50 discount for full payment by July 
Contact: Chris Donaldson, c/o Silvertop Farms,Rt 1, Box 345, 
Tiptonville, TN 38079, 901-253-8028, info at

Sat/Sun September 9 & 10, 2000 Mushrooms, Permaculture, & Bioremediation 
David Bynum Winery 8075 Westside Rd Healdsburg CA 95446
Cost $350 (both days)  $225 (one day)
Featuring Paul Stamens with Tom Alexander of Bemushroomed, and Charmoon
Richardson of 
Wild About Mushrooms

Learn how to integrate mushroom cultivation into Permaculture gardens 
and land restoration projects within the context of a three-acre 
Mediterranean Food Forest garden. Hosted by Davis Bynum winery and 
Sonoma Permaculture, this knowledge packed weekend course will introduce 
participants to several extremely talented mushroom authorities, 
permaculturists, and chefs. 
Saturday will feature Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti, author of *Growing 
Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms*. Paul will discuss both the integration 
of edible and medicinal mushrooms into Permaculture gardens, and the 
application of higher fungi to habitat restoration & bioremediation 
(restoring health to polluted land). Lunch will feature the talents of 
Nit Bynum, who will prepare Thai-California cuisine incorporating crops 
gardened on-site. The day will end with light foods and a tasting of the 
Bynum's award-winning wines. 
On Sunday, Tom Alexander of Bemushroomed, and Charmoon Richardson of 
Wild About Mushrooms, will discuss building and operating a small-scale 
mushroom cultivation laboratory. There will be a demonstration of 
procedures for growing oyster mushrooms, which includes each participant 
making & taking home a oyster mushroom kit, which will produce mushrooms 
within weeks. In addition, there will be a session devoted to 
inoculation of oak logs and wood chips with several varieties of gourmet 
& medicinal mushrooms. Relevant educational materials will be provided. 
Lunch will include a mushroom cooking demonstration & mushroom-filled 
meal. Thanks to Sonoma Permaculture Michael Collins
Register now. Participation will be limited to allow for individual 
contact with the instructors. 
CHECKS TO: Wild About Mushrooms 
MAIL TO: Permaculture Weekend PO Box Forestville CA 95436 
INFORMATION: Charmoon Richardson 707-887-1888

Fri/Sat/Sun Sept 8,9,10 Urban Agriculture Workshop 
At Fairview Gardens Goleta Ca 
Cost $190 (Scholarships available)
        There is a common misconception that food for our society must be
on large, industrial farms, far from the places where most of us live and
but this is no longer the case. in the most unlikely places, under some of the
most challenging environments, urban dwellers are establishing economically
viable farms.
        The two day workshop will provide specific training on acquiring land,
capitalizing, setting up, growing and marketing from a small scale urban
these programs will provide clear directions and a "tool kit" for how to
Presented by the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens and the
Collective Heritage Foundation
Contact Lois Lipman Collective Heritage Institute,  901 West San Mateo, Suite
L, Santa Fe , NM 87505
Phone 505-968-1644 Fax 505-986-0366

Sept17th, The First California Organic Festival !!! 11:00 am, closing at 5:00
Oak Park in Santa Barbara CA
The festival visitors will celebrate the wonders of various organic products, 
listen to music and get inspired by our wonderful guest speakers at the first 
annual California Organic Festival located at Oak Park in Scenic Santa 
Barbara - only an hour and half away from Los Angeles:
The California Organic Festival ---organized by PAAC -Pesticide Awareness & 
Alternatives Coalition Contact Information: Drora --Tel (805) 685-4881 or 
(805) 455-3827 or Julie (805) 963-1625 (Leave a message) --- P.O. Box 22144, 
Santa Barbara, California 93121-2144.

Tues/Wed/Thurs October 10-12, 2000 Workshop by Dr. Bill Mollison, the founder
of Permaculture
Northwest Louisiana Commerce Center - Minden Louisiana
Cost $350 before 9/1 after $395  Lodging $20 for workshop with Bill Mollison
Includes 3 lunches and welcoming dinner Tues 
I would like to invite you to a 3-day workshop by Dr. Bill Mollison, 
the founder of Permaculture, October 10-12, 2000 in NW Louisiana. His 
course precedes a Permaculture Design Certificate Course offered 
October 16-28 by Geoff Lawton, appointed Director of the Permaculture 
Research Institute by Mollison in 1997. These events will mark the 
beginning of the demonstration center being established at this site. 
Internationally renowned teacher and author of seven books, Dr. 
Mollison, called the Father of Permaculture, is stepping out of 
retirement to teach a three-day Permaculture course at the Northwest 
Louisiana Commerce Center. 
Permaculture Design Course Oct 16-28 with Geoff Lawton
$795. before 9/1 after $995 lodging $60  includes 3 meals a day
This course supports efforts to develop a North American demonstration 
of sustainable agriculture and commerce at the deactivated Louisiana 
Army Ammunition Plant, where plans are under way to renovate the area 
using Permaculture practices. 
Total package for 3 day workshop and Permaculture Design Course $1000 by 9/1
after $1200 lodging $75
Send checks to 
Northwest Louisiana Commerce Center
2618 York Ave 
Minden, Louisiana 71055  Att Kathy Craft 
Questions contact Kippy Clark 303-247-18000 

3.Perma News

Fifth Annual Permaculture Design Course Online Begins September 10, 2000
Elfin Permaculture's fifth Annual Permaculture Design Course Online will begin
at the Sept. 10, 2000. 
The in depth course runs 5-6 months, depending on class needs. The course
includes at home reading assignments, instructor's "lectures" distributed via
email, email class discussion of current themes and student projects, a number
of special student reports, and a permaculture design completed by each
student. Successful completion of all course requirements leads to
certification as an entry- level permaculturist.
For more information request the course protocol and reading list from 
Elfin Permaculture at Permacltur at
For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture Publications (since 1982),
Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses, consulting and 
permaculture designs (since 1981), and annual correspondence courses via 
Copyright, 2000, Dan & Cynthia Hemenway, P.O. Box 52, Sparr FL 32192 USA 
Internships. YankeePerm at 

4. Websites of Interest 

Eco Soul is a California 501[c]3 non-profit corporation dedicated to 
furthering education and research in environmentally-friendly hydrogen 
fuel cell technology. The organization distributes the country's first 
reversible fuel cell demonstration kit for wide-spread practical use.
"The kit's unique engineering demonstrates how fuel cells provide 
virtually unlimited energy without pollution. They are being used in 
high schools, universities and research laboratories across the nation 
including the National Fuel Cell Research Center at UC Irvine. Visit 
Eco Soul's website at or call (714) 
573-4955 for more information.

Permaculture Research Institute 
Tagari Farm, home to Permaculture Research Institute, is a
147 acre property designed by Bill Mollison featuring
extensive earthworks, an advanced food forest, bamboo,
aquaculture, and teaching facility.
Bill Mollison retired in 1998 and requested Geoff Lawton to
take over Tagari Farm. A management team of ten people
currently live on the farm, working in various capacities for
the Institute.
Permaculture doesn't have to be big and complicated, there
are a collection of guides to help the relative newcomer
implement permaculture projects listed on the webpage. 
Email: pri at 
Phone: +61 2 6679 3275 Fax: +61 2 6679 2018
Mail: PO Box 1, Tyalgum, NSW 2484, Australia 


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Mail Address    South Coast Permaculture Guild and Santa Barbara Permaculture
                224E Figueroa ST #C
                Santa Barbara CA 93101

"What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any 
group is doing on the planet. We don't know what details of a truly 
sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need 
people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of 
the critical gangs that are doing that." 
Dr David Suzuki geneticist, broadcaster 
and international environmental advocate

Permaculture education includes principles and practices of 
sustainable soil, water, crop, forest, architectural, business, and 
finance systems ­ ethical investment, community loan support and small 
business management. 

Permaculture, from PERMAnent agriCULTURE, is an integrated system of 
design including not only agriculture, horticulture, architecture and 
ecology but also land access strategies and economic systems for small 
businesses and communities. 

Taken from the Latin, permanens, to endure or persist through time and 
cultura, cultures - permaculture is an interdisciplinary design 
science focused on sustainable system design. Sustainable systems are 
defined as those that, over their lifetime, produce energy equivalent 
to or in excess of what they consume. 

Permaculture operates on three ethics: care of the earth, care of the 
species and return of excess to the first two. 

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