Roadtrip to visit Permaculture and related sites in Ojai Aug12,13

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Aug 12-13 Sat/Sun Roadtrip to Permaculture Sites and others interesting sites
in Ojai Ca 
Roadtrip Trip is free
This will be a two day trip to Ojai with camp over swim and Potluck supper
Saturday with a visit to Ojai Farmers Market on Sunday morning. The visits
include a suburban Permaculture site, Happy Valley School tour with Dave White
showing how the site has grown and integrated Permaculture teaching at the
school and plantings that are producing food that are slowly working there way
into the school kitchen and more, a working organic farm of Steve Sprinkel is
on the same site, also the Full Circle Farm an amazing site that has  high
levels of social living and interaction plus gardens grey water systems and
weaving the natural surroundings and plant life into a community. Next a food
forest site which in so productive with trees and annuals and a slowly
developing site nearby that shows how reading the landscape and interacting
with the strong forces of nature is so important to vision how a Permaculture
site develops.. Also Tom Baldwin site which again shows how a important social
interaction are to the functioning of a site where we will end up Sunday
afternoon for a gathering which includes art and music and more. this is
also a
site with an amazing food forest developing.
Contact Wes Roe lakinroe at at 805-964-1555
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