What comes before the morning breeze? Thanks Margie for forwarding this

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Wed Aug 9 06:22:21 PDT 2000

What comes before the morning breeze?
Behind the subtle breezes that whisper through the treetops, fine and
delicate energies pulse into your world from the spirit world, from an
energy level not visible to your senses but as tangible as all you touch
and hear. You detect these energies, taste them, feel them. They come
pulsing out of the early morning air above the trees, gliding swiftly past
you, lifting tiny hairs on the surface of your skin. Out into the meadow
and beyond they flow. You cannot see them, but you sense them and know
they are there.
Watching these subtle whispers behind the wind, you notice that the birds
are watching them too, playing with them, learning from them the news,
gathering a picture of what the day has in store. You become aware of
little messages going back and forth throughout the forest. Every tree,
every fern, every moss covered stone is aware, sensitive, listening.
The natural world is attuned to a multi-dimensional communication that is
always happening--flowing back and forth. As you listen to it, the wind
tells you things....
You notice that these energies, more subtle than the breezes, are in fact
the reason why the winds circle as they do. The currents of moving air
respond to these subtler energies and express a portion of their
information flow. You begin to see in a new way: the forest, a system of
living information flowing back and forth along an invisible, but to you,
an increasingly perceptible network of energy. You feel it, picture it,
with something deeper and more clear-sighted than the physical eye: little
webs of pulsing current, crisscrossing among the trees, networking,
joining, slowly circling in the swirling presence of a vast and eternal
being. And along these webs comes information sailing. From one world to
As you relax, you blend into this pulsing network. You no longer feel
separate from the grid of its swirling creative energy. You feel it within
you, around you. Merging back into the ground of being, the voices behind
the wind lead you into an awareness of the intention that is calling out
the life of this earth. You release all tension that would hold and define
that great love. You relax your self images, your ideas, your beliefs.
You let go of your concepts about being human. You know yourself as a part
of the world around you. You begin to blend with the subtle energies
behind each breath of wind, that the sun's influence contains information
as well as warmth and light. Warmth: life information. Light:
intelligent design.
Every dawn brings indication of activities for which the coming day is
The birds and animals notice. What kind of day is it going to be?

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