Santa Barbara Edition of Hopedance Sept/Oct 2000 Soar, Sprawl and Sustainable Communities is out, plus a Permaculture Column andmore

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Hi everyone
         The Santa Barbara Edition of Hopedance Sept/Oct titled SOAR, 
Sprawl and
Sustainable Communities is starting to appear at Santa Barbara County 
locations. Bob Banner the Publisher has given us our first SB cover of 
Hopedance with a truly deep feeling painting by Paul Cumes plus one more in the issue.  Paul's words "were created 
in order to express my feelings about overdevelopment and urbanization of 
SB." pg 20 read more about his work.

         The SB Edition starts with a great article by SB City Council 
Member and upcoming candidate for Mayor Gil Garcia "Walkable Communities" 
as Gil writes in the article "A community that considers walking as a mode 
of transport and is designed to support walking is regarded as more 
livable, attractive, and is likely to have a lively community spirit."
         Moving on to an article by the San Marcos Foothills Coalition 
about preserving the "headwaters" of the Goleta Slough visit there website .
         The New Organic Garden Club announces it upcoming meetings and 
it's great list of programs thank you Larry Saltzman and Linda Buzzell 
lbsaltzman at and 805-563-2063.
         James Smallwood article on Sustainable Plan for Santa Barbara 
Creeks and Watersheds is an article that argues for need for a 
comprehensive plan to achieve sustainable use of our resources.
         The urban 4-H Program called 4-H Learning Through Nature 
Greenhouse tells about the great number of volunteers that are helping to 
make the dream of functional community greenhouse happen. Hava Schwartz and 
Mike Marzolla.
         The Santa Barbara Calendar of Events announces events like The 
Fist Organic Festival at Oak Park Sept17  11-5 , 
the Parade of Green Buildings in SB on Oct21/22 , Fairview Garden ongoing 
programs and Ending Destructive Genetic Engineering Campaign for Sept.
         Also Gene Hoffman of SB nows has a regular column at Hopedance 
called Possibilities

Please submit articles,cartoons, essays, book reviews, fictional stories, 
poems , announcements of events, and ideas for  Santa Barbara Hopedance to 
the SB Editors Wes Roe lakinroe at and Margie Bushman 
sbpcnet at
The next meeting of Hopedance SB to talk about the articles and meet the 
people behind the articles gathered for the Nov/Dec issue will be Oct 3 7pm 
at Sola House SB.

Here is part of the intro to Hopedance Mag Sept/Oct by Bob Banner which SB 
Hopedance is a part to subscribe at $10 per year
Welcome to the 24th issue of HopeDance. We've been at it for 4 years! And
with this issue we are completely digital.
Sprawl is an issue that crosses all political spectrums. It symbolizes a
design problem and a "progress" ethic that has run amok. The interview with
co-producer Jeff Gersh (of the superb film "Subdivide & Conquer") explores
sprawl and offers design solutions in various cities (see p.17). Donella
Meadows, our very necessary sustainability nationally syndicated columnist
poignantly exposes the myths about sprawl (p.13). Randy Knight reiterates
what the SOAR initiative is all about and warns us about the monied
opposition (p.15). Even Paul Harvey warns us about the developer/builders who
have become so prosperous that they are "buying zoning officials" (p.12).
As typical with HopeDance's mission, we give you solutions rather than
complain about the problems. Social worker Carla Grindle reports on various
sustainability projects that actually work (with numerous web sites and a
bibliography; p.26). Development per se is not the problem. It's how we
develop. Larry Santoyo writes about Village Homes in Davis, CA, a highly
successful sub-division that incorporates many sustainability designs (p.37).
Our own local Oak Creek Common cohousing group writes about their plans to
use less natural resources and more sustainable designs in their new
development in Paso Robles (p.22). Gary Duncan from will be
arriving on the Central Coast in November to speak to builders, developers,
and real estate agents to discuss creating a network in California to compete
with the destructive aspects of conventional building (see p.67). And when it
comes to sustaining ourselves in the midst of an overwhelming momentum toward
ecological collapse, Bob Banner reports on a workshop designed to refresh the
batteries of social activists (p.24).

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Island Seed & Feed
Goleta Community Center
Paradise Found
Community Environmental Council
Herbal Spirit Path
Pablo's Juices
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Natural Cafe in Santa Barbara and Goleta

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