Sergio Andrade A Magical Builder from Chile Using Recycled Material

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at
Wed Sep 27 21:52:26 PDT 2000

Hi everyone
         Below is a message from Marco Lam about an amazing builder from 
Chile who reworks and uses recycled and eclogical materials to create truly 
amazing homes with a truly wholistic way of bringing humans and homes together.
                 Check out website below

Message from Marco Lam taken from the Cob Listserve
we hope to do a workshop with sergio andrade, we plan to fly him up from 
chile.  he was my first introduction to alternative building a long time 
ago.  his building blow out of the water anything any one else has ever 
done.  a big claim I know.  check it out:


marco  : "Marco Lam" <lovefarmer at>

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