[Scpg] NATIONAL ECO-TECH SHOW in NZ 2004 and International Permaculture Gathering

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Wednesday February 25 to Sunday February 29, 2004

Otara, Auckland

To create a wide-ranging and diverse exposition of innovative and
appropriate technologies from New Zealand and elsewhere, that together
demonstrate enriching as well as sustainable ways of living, within the
resource capacity of our planet.

To engage tangata whenua (Maori) to work closely with us to ensure that the
principles of Kaitiakitanga permeate through the event and beyond

To encourage leaders of Aotearoa/NZ in government, business and the
community to come together in an enriching and supportive environment and
increase their awareness of the challenges and issues we all face at the
beginning of the 21st century.

To explore the relationships between social, economic and environmental
objectives and the way in which they interact.

To celebrate the efforts and initiatives many people are taking on aspects
of appropriate and sustainable living, and provide a forum where they can
demonstrate their activities and develop linkages and connections.

To run many workshops at the Expo and beyond, with field trips and tours to
demonstrate the issues and possible solutions.

The activities and workshops of the exposition include:

Land use patterns

Layout of cities and rural land

Integrated transport systems.

Community development.

Housing people in communities.

Healthy building & living spaces.

Renewable energy sources and use

Waste recovery as a resource

Triple bottom line reporting

Water harvesting & purification

Organic growing - ecological farming.

Soil fertility enhancement

Diversity of food plants - seed saving.

Appropriate machinery.

Protecting the margins

Local economies: roles of gift & barter.

Wild places

Description:  Permaculture in New Zealand (PINZ) is convening an Exposition
in 2004. The intention is to provide a stimulating and extraordinary
experience for the participants, while making a major contribution to the
range of skills and knowledge available for sustainable living. One main
purpose is to demonstrate the benefits of integrating available techniques
and linking together people and their ideas and activities ˆ the whole being
greater than the sum of the parts.

A number of inter-linked events are planned:

An Expo of technologies & strategies for appropriate and sustainable living.
These technologies and strategies will be drawn form all over the world, and
include New Zealand innovations. People experienced in the
technologies/strategies and their practical applications will be available
for workshops and demonstrations. The Expo will showcase the
technologies/strategies and show how they can be linked together to provide
viable alternatives while ensuring sustainable resource use.
This includes:

Energy ˆ renewable sources, efficient use & conservation

Housing ˆ building materials, living spaces, subdivision

Transport ˆ modes of transport, fuels, emissions, integrated use

Water ˆ supply, storage and purity

Soil ˆ fertility, conservation, enhancement techniques

Farming ˆ ecologically, integrated uses, organic management

Community ˆ developing inter-relationships, working co-operatively,
planning, celebrating diversity, coping with disasters

Resources ˆ use of land, water & air; use of minerals; re-cycling

Protection ˆ of soil, water and air; of margins and special places

Organisation ˆ money systems, triple bottom line monitoring, measuring

An interactive and participatory conference of workshops and discussion
groups, with a wide range of examples of strategies, technologies, design
techniques, projects etc, and sessions with inspirational speakers about
visions and practices. The conference will be focused on ecological design
and ways of living sustainably within the resource capacity of our planet.
Some of the issues covered include:

Permaculture Hui - Fri 20 - Sun 22 Feb
A convergence of people who hold a Permaculture Design Certificate, to
workshop issues of permaculture and environmental education, international
linkages and educational or technology transfer activities, pooling of
knowledge and resources, and a sharing of successful strategies and

Intensive land use projects
Including inner city on site papakainga development.

On-going projects that demonstrate an integration of activities and
functions, and include intensive food production in an urban setting,
resource (Œwaste‚) re-cycling, water quality enhancement, environmental
diversity etc, set within marae-based and educational communities. They will
give a practical reality to the principles of ecological design and the
integration of activities that gives resilience from diversity. They will
also provide inspiration and empowerment to the people involved, to take
action, and continue to develop a sustainable lifestyle through cooperative

Tours and field trips:
To see working examples both near the conference site and in other parts of
New Zealand.

Contact Joanna Pearsall or Bryan Innes via: expo @ livinglightly.org.nz
Tel: Int+ 64 (0) 7 377 8910 Mob: Int + 64 (0)21 106 5813


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