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Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Fri Aug 1 08:07:23 PDT 2003

Urban Permaculture Design Course:
EcoUrbanism and the Future of Sustainability
ReThink, ReDesign, ReFresh our Cities Again!

EcoLiteracy * Natural Building * The Home Ecosystem * Green Business * Deep 
Ecology * Practicing Democracy * EcoVillage Design & More...
Creating abundant, locally self-sustaining human settlements is the aim of 
Permaculture.  This does not mean, however, that we must abandon our cities 
and move to the country.  Instead, we must work to transform our cities 
from within. It is through making our cities sustainable that we preserve 
our wilderness.

Permaculture is the art and science that applies patterns found in nature 
to the design and construction of human and natural environments... The 
Permaculture Design Course has truly transformed the lives and enhanced the 
careers of thousands of people around the world.

Join us in an exciting process of renewing and remaking our cities!


Dates: 6 weekends

Part One... August 9-10  &  August 16-17
"Fire, Water, Earth & Air... New Ecology and Sacred Geometry":

Introduction to Permaculture and Natural Pattern Understanding

The first Part will cover an in-depth introduction to Permaculture Design & 
Ethics of Earth Care with a special presentation on reading the patterns of 
the landscape. A simple foundation for understanding indicators of 
sustainability and other patterns of the natural world.

Part Two... August 30-31  &  September 6-7
"Food, Water, Shelter...Earth-Friendly Techniques & Technologies":

Sustainable Resource Management, Building the Home Ecosystem.

The second Part will focus on: techniques for designing & building a 
complete home ecosystem, restorative agriculture and natural building, as 
well as learning ancient technologies for earth stewardship and land 

Part Three... September 20-21  &  September 27-28
Creating Community...Self-Reliance, Eco-Village and Eco-Economics:

EcoVillage Design and Community Celebration

The final session will feature: community building & "creating a sense of 
place," patterns of human dynamics, intentional communities & eco-villages. 
We will also learn strategies for creating community-wide sustainability 
and methods for finding our own right-livelihoods.

Six Weekend Intensive Features:

An All-Star Cast of Characters...
With the finest gatherings of veteran Permaculture Teachers and 
Internationally Acclaimed Educators and Leaders in the Worldwide 
Sustainability Movement!

Teaching Team is led by Larry Santoyo with very special guests... More 
teachers and guest lecturers are still being added and confirmed!

Beautiful Locations...
Our venues take us in and around Los Angeles... Through Beverly Hills and 
the trails of the Santa Monica Mountains... to the beaches of Malibu... 
Back to the city for an inspiring and eye opening visit with South 
Central's "Seed Lady of Watts"... to the premier ecovillage-the 
L.A.Ecovillage... then out to discover eco-living, suburban style!.. Back 
to the city to explore the huge warehouses, of several city blocks, 
converted into an entire Artist Village...

Culinary Delights...
Lunch will be provided.  Omnivorous Cuisine with Vegetarian Options will be 
prepared by various Culinary-Craftspersons... -Solar Oven demonstration...

Field Trips...
Visit: Backyard Food-Forests, Nature Hike, Organic Farm, Farmers Market, 
Community Gardens, The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, The L.A. 
Ecovillage and more...

Hands-On Learning...
Drafting and Design Exercises, Observation Skills, Market Gardening 
Techniques, Natural Building Techniques, Sustainable Landscape 
Construction, Art in the Garden & More...

New and Expanded Curriculum...
Natural Building with Cob, Straw, Earthbags and Bamboo, Alternative Fuels, 
Human Dynamics, Deep Ecology, Eco-Urbanism, MicroVillage Development, 
Practicing Democracy & More...

Community Celebration...
"Green Goods & Good Greens" Course participants will host an Eco-Trade 
Show, Crafts & Culinary Fair... and on into night with the infamous Talent 
Show and Party...

Make New Friends - Learn New Stuff!
Enrich your Life & Enhance your Career...

Meet Students and Teachers from all around the Country.  Join Professionals 
and Lay People as we not only Celebrate but BECOME the Future of 

You Can Register For All or Part...
Discounts for Design Course Graduates...

Group Discounts, Payment Plans, Trades and Work-Trades still available...

See: http://www.earthflow.com/courses2003/index.shtml
Contact: info at earthflow.com
Call: 805.528.3763 (9-5 Pacific Time)

In cooperation with:
Gaim/Real Goods Design Group, TreePeople, Eric Lloyd Wright and Associates, 
The Terra Foundation, LA EcoVillage, HopeDance Media, Builders without 
Borders, The Permaculture Institute, The Permaculture Institute of Northern 
California, EarthFlow Design Works, City of Azusa, Earth Day L.A., Eco-Home 
Network, Ecology Center of Southern California, Ecovillage Network of the 
Americas, Friends of the L.A. River, Global Green, L.A. City Councilman 
Eric Garcetti, L.A. Community College District Trustee Nancy Pearlman, 
LAUSD School Board Member David Tokofsky, Permaculture Institute of 
Southern California, Santa Monica College Center for Environmental and 
Urban Studies, Southern California Council on Environment and Development, 
Watts Family Gardens, Wetlands Action Network, Wright Way Organic Resource 
Center, Cornucopia, Claremont Forum, Theory Lab...


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