[Scpg] Permaculture Series in Tijuana, Mexico August 14 August 16, 2003

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La Rosa Blanca Workshop
with artist / designer James Hubbell
& permaculturalist Dr. Bill Roley of the Permaculture Institute of Southern

Collegio La Esperanza, Tijuana, Mexico
August 14  August 16, 2003

Hands-on building, tiling, permaculture gardening, orchard gardening and
management, water harvesting & working with the community
Cost:   $200.00
Includes breakfast & lunch and helps offset the cost of workshop
materials.  For dinner we will visit the city- bring a little extra money.
Bring:  sleeping bag, mat, hat, gloves, drinking water & appropriate tools.

Where: The Collegio La Esperanza, Tijuana, Mexico

Information & Registration:

Call: (760) 765.3427 or email
          lael at abac.com

R.S.V.P. & Pay by money order or personal check by July 5, 2002.

Make Check Payable to:
Ilan-Lael Foundation

Mail to:        James Hubbell
                  930 Orchard Lane
                  Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

The Colonia Esperanza School

The Colonia Esperanza school has been developed by the Americas Foundation
and the Ilan-Lael Foundation, (both USA educational non-profits,) over the 
nine years with James T. Hubbell, designer, and Christine Brady-Kosko,
director, together with a neighborhood group of mothers. A pre-school 
center is
presently open and an elementary school, library, and recreational park are 
partially in use. James Hubbell's art and architecture, as well as work from
volunteers, provide this community with cultural benefits, educational and 
services which were previously non-existent in the neighborhood. A recently
added permaculture garden helps to link the waste-water and garbage to form a
productive landscape which frames the building in a magical display of color
and form, as well as providing food.

The primary school, on top of a hill overlooking the Tijuana River valley,
has a 360-degree view of the city.  This site might have traditionally been
reserved for a cathedral, but the community mothers saved this land from
development for a school. Art and music are an integral part of the 
education program
and a soccer field and playgrounds attract many children in the 
neighborhood. A
great deal of the school has been built by volunteers on Saturdays and by
interns from "La Rosa Blanca" where students from around the world come each
summer and work with master-builders, teachers and designers for three 
weeks every
year.  The courtyards at both schools are designed for play, social or
political events or community planning meetings. The people in Tijuana come 
from all
over Mexico, and a community center such as this could bring the disconnected
aspects of a  culturally diverse, urban life together. Community cohesiveness
is challenged by this sociological diversity, and it is our hope that this
school will bring families together through their common interest in  child


Tursday, August 14:
6:30pm – H St. trolley station, car pool
light snack prepared for dinner
Work with students on garden and school construction

Friday, August 15:

7:30am – James to meet people at the H-St. Trolley station
8:30am –Introduction by James & Bill
9:00am – orientation walk around
9:30am – 12:00  work – arbor construction, stone & wood
+ break         garden restoration tiling tree planting
12:00 – 1:00 lunch
1:00pm – Introductions, who they are, what do they want from the workshop
2:00pm Presentation by Victor
2:45pm work*              – arbor construction, stone & wood
             garden restoration
             tree planting

6:00 pm dinner
7:30pm slide show & presentation by James & Bill
     History of Colegio Esperanza
     Environmental Projects

Saturday, August 16:

7:00am - Breakfast
7:30am – Best of ...Discussion
9:00am – Work*           – arbor construction, stone & wood
w/ break        garden restoration
             tree planting
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 - Work
3:00 – Tours to Ecoparque, Aldeas Orphanage, Cultural Center
6:00pm – Dinner in the City

James Hubbell is a famous artist, architect who has an amazing way of bring
out the honest voice in each of us. He has done a number of Peace Parks in
Russia, China and the USA with the sister cities of each country as well as a
collection of young artists and architects who live together for a month and
design and build a international Park.
Mexico is next for the Peace Park(see video). I will send you his Open House
announcement at his home and studio in Julian California June 15. He is a real
celebration for many people. Have you ever seen Sea Ranch ChapeI , it is very
flowing like a feather with an amazing diverse materials. I will send you one
of his PBS documentaries on his parks of multi-material pieces,stain glass,
sculpture, ironwork, jewlery and tiling over the floors, walls and ceilings.

Bill Roley, Director of the Permaculture Institute of Southern California
heads up the organized community landscaping and gardens with irrigation,
composting and herbs. Landform engineering of the slopes and recycling of 
the trash
nutrients and restoration ecology on the site will be some of our tasks.

Christine Brady, Director of the American Foundation is the director of the
school and organizes the students and parents to work with the volunteers who
meet once a month.

There are an assortment of guest lectures who work along the border with
projects I have been involved:
      Ecoparque-wastewater treatment/agroforestry
     Aldeas Infantile orphanage community & planned
     Tijuana Estuary

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