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Hello All,

Greetings! (and apologies for the "impersonal" email, drop me a note, and I 
will respond more personally)  I would appreciate you-all spreading the word 
about the exciting program I am working in here in California.  Please see 
below.  Thanks again.


The EcoDwelling Program, part of the only accredited degree program where 
you can "major" in Ecological Design and Natural Building, is still 
accepting applications for Fall Semester, starting in September.  If you 
have any questions, please contact me at 707 568 3092 or 
jkennedy at newcollege.edu

Please forward this to any potential students that might be interested.

Best regards,

Joe Kennedy

A New College of California - North Bay
BA and MA Program Concentration

EcoDwelling is a 3-semester Concentration offered through New College of 
California North Bay Campus’s (Santa Rosa) Culture, Ecology and Sustainable 
Community program.  New College offers accredited BA completion and MA 
degrees, with additional concentrations in Ecological Agriculture, Painting 
in the Landscape, and Consciousness, Healing, and Ecology.

The EcoDwelling Concentration is a holistic approach to dwelling in the 
broadest sense ­ encompassing the very nature of existence and being ­ and 
the entire process by which we inhabit our ecosystems and the planet.  It is 
concerned with the causes of our current dwelling process failure, the 
principles of success, and the application of principles in the design of 
equitable, sustainable, universally affordable alternatives.  The 
Concentration provides students with an opportunity to implement vision, 
theory and design for radically affordable, sustainable means of dwelling, 
through lecture, discussion, design projects, and hands-on building with 
cob, strawbales, and other natural materials.

The EcoDwelling Concentration is intended for anyone with an interest in any 
aspect of the dwelling process and its relationship to the whole.  It is 
intended for anyone interested in discovering how to make their own way and 
means of dwelling more affordable, sustainable and liberating ­ thereby 
being able to help others do the same.  As awareness of our collective 
crisis increases, the need for those who can recognize, understand, and 
implement sustainable alternatives will be substantial.

New College Northbay:  http://www.newcollege.edu/northbay

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