[Scpg] LAEV City Repair this SAT

camille cimino camcim at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 6 14:12:47 PST 2005

please note

city repair meeting will still happen tomorrow

just no street painting if there is rain

we just wanted to make clearsure people undersood so
no one would be be disapointed

we will be meeting at LAEV rain or shine and have
several projects available for participation

please read below


This Saturday, we still plan to do some
rain-compatible work on a 
garden project, some carpet removal, and possibly
designing and 
building a 
kiosk... so, even though we won't be painting the
street, there will be 
projects that folks who shows up can participate in.

Let's all be happy that our dry region is getting such
a richness of 
these days... and look forward to painting on a dry
day soon.  Thanks 
all the folks that have shown interest.  

If you have any questions or 
suggestions, contact one of us listed below:
Camille Cimino (213) 480-8002 camcim at yahooo.com
Lara Morrison  (213) 383-8684 laraeco at hotmail.com
Joe Linton  (213) 380-3754 joelinton at earthlink.net
Lois Arkin (213)738-1254 crsp at igc.org

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