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Martin Kellogg kellogg at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Thu Jan 13 11:58:49 PST 2005

Naturalist desires space (tiny scrap, or larger) in Santa Barbara region

I am a long-term volunteer for the Museum of Systematics and Ecology at UCSB
working on a book on landscaping for nature in California, have some
expertise with insects, and am researching/writing to help curb Global Warming.

I desire, in a more-or-less Earth-sustainable situation, within
bike/bus/rideshare distance of UCSB, and for at least about 5 years (preferably
longer) either: 1) a tiny scrap of space to sleep on floor at night and ability
to do a small amount of very simple cooking, spending the great majority of
time at an office elsewhere, or 2) about 100 sq. ft. of enclosed shelter in one
or two pieces, with strong floor and at least 50 sq. ft. being heatable (to
protect a wonderful nature library and insect collection with microscope),
where I would generally live all the time.  It would be possible for me to pay
for construction of such shelter if my investment was protected.

If possible, I would also desire to: 1) offset some rent by applying my
nature-landscaping expertise (developed in Santa Barbara area starting in 1972)
or insect management skills to the site, and 2) garden for food.  I have many
books related to food gardening, especially non-toxic insect & disease control.

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