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Hello all,

In the spirit of thoughtful discourse, and since $75 and $90 seems to me
like a lot of money, people can have a critical look at dowsing at


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> Messages from Your Body
> Discovering What the Bleep We Do Know!
> Dowsing (Pendulum) Classes
> Saturday January 29 and Sunday, January 30, 2005
> USING THE PENDULUM - DOWSING will save you time, money
> and effort. You will be able to choose the best
> vitamins, plant food, and many other products. You
> will usually be able to avoid freeway backups by
> choosing the fastest and safest route. Use it in
> business to locate the broken wires or pipes and hire
> the best employee. Explore more - unlimited
> possibilities
> THE BASICS - Saturday
> 9:30 - 12:30  1:30 - 4:30 - Saturday
>     * Learn how to use the Pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod,
> Bobber and Stick Plate dowsing
>     * Curious? You will get to the Yes/No answer
>     * Discover how to get Messages from the Body
>     * Discover multiple ways to use these tools in
> business and daily living
>     * Test and examine how to use these tools in your
> life
>     * Learn how to ask questions
>     * Find ways to test your water and supplements
> Class Fee $75  At the Door $95
> Bring your Lunch.  I have water and lots of teas.
> 9:30 - 12:30 and 1:30 - 4:30
> * Learn how to use and develop charts for going beyond
> the Yes/No
> * Find shortcuts and how to save time in your dowsing
> process
> * Learn several clearing methods so you can adapt to
> many environments
> * Develop systems to improve your results
> * Find ways to stay out of other peoples stuff
> * Discover lots of tips & techniques
> $110 for the day  At the Door $130      ALL Four
> Classes $170    At the Door $200
> Bring your Lunch.  I have water and lots of teas.
> Today, you can learn techniques that will become a
> part of an ever-evolving source of stimulation in the
> visible and invisible dimensions of energy. It is part
> of a Messages From the Body Series. You will learn to
> dowse, to use the pendulum and maybe become aware of
> an "energy" as you ask questions.
> Dowsing means to search. It is about exploring,
> discovering and finding answers. Through dowsing you
> will learn to identify, locate and transform energies
> as you connect with these subtle energy fields. With
> dowsing you will ask questions to explore, expand and
> evolve your world. It is by building your own unique
> inquiring structure that you will evolve a form, focus
> and function. Let's begin!
> Now accepting Visa, Discover and Master Card or a
> Check to hold your space.
> Limited Enrollment   Advance Registration Required!
> Sue 949-707-1299  Discoveryiv at netscape.net Directions
> to Laguna Hills will be sent.
> Sue Trumpfheller, a dowser, teacher, speaker and
> writer has been working in the field of energies since
> the early 60's.  She has a deep understand of her
> craft and loves to share it with others.  Sue was
> awarded Dowser of the Year by the American Society of
> Dowsers in 2003.  She has written five books.
> Discover the Pendulum and 99 Ways to Use the Pendulum
> plus Discover Color and A B C's of Color along with a
> book of her poetry, Looking Inside. Sue was President
> and/or Program Chairman of Orange County Dowsers for
> 15 years. Books and tools will be available during the
> workshop.
> For Organic Gardeners, Permaculturists:
> As you "Care for the Earth, Care for the People" you
> will find these classes very beneficial.
> Dowsing/Pendulum are tools and techniques you can use
> in laying out your garden or Permaculture Design.  It
> can assist in pest management and other pesky problems
> that arise in your everyday life.  If you have read
> Secret Life of Plants and/or Secrets of the Soil you
> will find many of the techniques included in the class
> including radionics, color and other forms of subtle
> energy work.  The following classes are slated for
> Laguna Hills.  All techniques taught are safe for the
> soil, the plants and people.  The time is now to learn
> these ancient proven technique and the tools are
> simple to make.
> If you have a group, in your area, I am willing to
> travel.
> To sign up for my newsletter and be notified of future
> classes contact me at: Discoveryiv at netscape.net
> Links on the web and blog sites in my signature(below)
> will give you the updates on what I am doing..  All
> are going through a big edit so keep checking back.
> I am considering, as you will see, teleforums on these
> subjects so we can be connected from the boonies to
> the big cities both of which makes it difficult to
> travel easily and in a time efficient manner.
> At this link http://discoveryiv.typepad.com you will
> find my article giving reasons why these teleforums
> are so beneficial.
> I will stay in touch.       Sue
> PS - My web site http://www.DiscoveryIV.com  is coming
> into being.  It will be undergoing lots of editing and
> updates so if you want to see it evolve check it out.
> I will be doing it all in real time so your comments
> and edits are welcome.  What would you like to see,
> learn and know?  What is missing as you search the
> inter-net for information on energy, subtle energy,
> healing of the subtle bodies that can have a huge
> impact on your body, your life.  My real goal is to
> assist all of you in designing space for you to thrive
> in 2005
> -- 
>  <<<<<<------------------------------>>>>>>
> Sue Trumpfheller
> Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Coach
> E-mail : DiscoveryIV at netscape.net
>  http://www.dowsingcoach.com
> Discover What the Bleep We Do Know
>  http://discoveryiv.typepad.com/pendulumcoach
> Watch this blog for an on going list of classes.
> Tips for the Healthy side of Life - a blog
>  http://www.xanga.com/pendulumcoach
> There can be no happiness if the things we believe
>        in are different from the things we do.
>                       Freya Stark
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