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camille cimino camcim at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 14:32:34 PST 2005

Justice Vision is offering a tape of Mark Lakeman's
City Repair slide show in Ojai for only $5.  

They film all kinds of social justice related events
and distribute videos (VHS & DVD) for VERY LOW PRICE.
They even offer subscriptions!  

check 'em out...........


Dear Friends:
We are happy to announce that we have finally become
able to offer our subscription video series on DVD,
which will enable us to offer higher quality videos at
lower cost. It will also help us to keep up with
orders better. Because we can duplicate DVDs in
minutes instead of hours, and because they take up
only about 10% of the space of VHS tapes, we expect to
be able to make much more of our 20-year-old
2000-event video library available.
For those of you that are already subscribers to the
Democracy University Video Series, we are preparing to
send Democracy Digest (note the new name) volumes du64
through du68 on five approximately 6-hour long DVDs.
Please remit $2.50 per DVD ($10 for the four) after
you receive them. 
If you do not already subscribe to the series, please
sign up (by telephone, email, or via the website
"online order form"). We anticipate sending about 20
DVDs a year to subscribers. This is twice the number
per year as was for VHS tapes, but at half the cost
each, so it will come out to the same cost per year,
but for more total hours of events. You can cancel at
any time, but please let us know when you do!  We
would really like to have about 1000 subscribers to
this series in order to be able to afford to travel to
the most important events and to hire help, and hope
you will support this project by signing up for this
series, and/or one of the other two series we are
starting (see below). The Democracy Digest (which we
formerly called the Democracy University Video Series)
is an eclectic collection of the most interesting and
informative social justice events that we videotape.
For those that would like more, we are starting up two
other series that you may also be interested in
subscribing to:
The Democracy University Conference (DVD) Series:
Several times a year we videotape conferences which
last several days and are generally outstanding but a
bit lengthy to send as part of the regular DU series,
although sometimes we have. We have decided instead to
start offering these as a separate series that people
can subscribe to separately.. Some of the conferences
we are preparing include the UC Berkeley Free Speech
Movement 40th Anniversary Reunion, the Coalition on
Political Assassinations Conferences held in Dallas,
Memphis, and L.A., the Fellowship of Reconciliation
National Conference, and the Redwood Sequoia
Conference from a year ago. If we can get a few
subscribers to this new series it will be a major help
toward covering more of the important and informative
conferences like these and toward being able to make
them available quickly and cheaply. We anticipate that
this new series will have 15 to 20 DVDs (about 6 hours
per DVD) a year, for which we would ask subscribers to
send a donation of $2.50 per DVD after each package of
DVDs is received.
The Democracy University Special Edition (DVD) Series:
>From time to time we do compilations of talks from a
speaker or on an issue, but do not include them in the
regular series because some of the included events are
already in the series. Examples include our Michael
Parenti, Edward Said, Michael Moore, and Jim Hightower
compilations. Other times the radio stations will call
and ask for us to arrange some of our events into new
combinations to use as premiums. These premiums are
usually offered as thank you gifts for pledges of $50
or $75 or more. In order to avoid competing with the
stations' important efforts to raise money, we do not
want to promote these in competition with the
stations, but would like to make them available to
those outside the offering stations' signal area to
those wishing to receive them as a series. We
anticipate selecting and sending out about 10 of these
a year to those that wish to subscribe to this series,
and ask a minimum remittance of $2.50 per DVD for this
series. Those Special Editions that we do not send out
will be available at our website.
We have been extremely gratified by your financial and
spiritual support of our VHS series, and hope and
trust that you will join us in this much needed
transition to DVDs. If you saw my condo you would have
a much better picture of why this change is not only
needed, but is essential. The rest of my family got
sick of the hundreds of boxes and moved out several
years ago, and I no longer can function effectively in
the jam, even by myself. In addition to being able to
get more material out better, cheaper, and quicker, I
need the change just to get my life back, not to
mention to increase the likelihood that the whole
project doesn't wind up in a dumpster when I go.
Another reason for the change is that the overwhelming
majority of those that have both VHS and DVD players
have indicated a strong preference for DVDs, and some
have even expressed the desire to replace their VHS
tapes with DVD versions of the same events, which
makes me feel that postponing the switch would be
somewhat irresponsible to the many who will
undoubtedly follow in their footsteps. As in the past,
your support is crucial to this project, and I hope
you will be willing to join us in making this
Please use our ordering website to signup for
whichever of the three series you would like to
receive. Be sure to specify which of the 3 series you
would like: Democracy Digest (with which we are
tentatively replacing the former Democracy University
(VHS) Video Series; you can call it DD, or "the
Digest", for short), the new Conference Series (you
can call it CS for short), or the new Special Edition
(SE) Series. We also have DVD sets of the New York,
L.A., and San Francisco 9/11 Citizen Inquiries (20
hours total on 8 DVDs for $20) which you can order by
requesting the 9/11 Set. If you request the 9/11 set
we will send along any future 9/11 events that come
our way unless or until you request otherwise. Please
write down which series (or set) you would like to
sign up for (or order) while this email is in front of
you (DD, CS, SE, or 9/11 Set), so you don't forget.
Since we are open to suggestions, our plans are
subject to change. We will update you as to revisions,
should there be any, via emails and in the letter we
will include with the DVDs we send. We will also
include updated lists of other DVDs available, in the
packages we send out. Subscription to any of the above
(3) series will entitle you to the special 2-for-$5
price for DVDs not included in the series you
subscribe to, subject to a $5-per-order minimum.
I should mention that whether we can sustain this
project at the 2-for-$5 price we are offering, not to
mention the impact that this project might have, will
depend upon how many people participate; our hope is
to be able to continue to lower our subscription price
over time so that eventually everyone will be able to
subscribe that would like to. You can help by passing
this information along to your contacts. Please also
note that we intend to keep our non-subsciber single
DVD price at $5, so that those of you that would like
to wholesale DVDs at $2.50 per copy and sell them at
events or in stores for $5 can do so in good
conscience. Each DVD comes in a flexible clear plastic
slimline case (not the brittle, breakable kind), has
its complete itinerary printed on the label, and each
event (sometimes even each speaker) is indexed on the
on-screen menu so that each can be accessed directly.
Thanks again for your support. Please go to
http://orders.justicevision.org/ or go to
www.justicevision.org and click on the "online order
form" button and let us know which of the three new
DVD series you would like to sign up for, and help us
get off to a good start! Again, we request that you do
not prepay, since it gets us into a financial
imbalance. Please remit after each time you receive
DVDs in the envelope we will include, but please remit
promptly, since we are frequently in a cash-flow bind.
You can cancel any of the three series whenever you
wish, simply by letting us know.
Best wishes and 10,000 Thank Yous in advance,
Ralph Cole
(213) 747-6345
DemocracyU at aol.com
Direct Link to Ordering Website:
PS to Current DU Subscribers: Unless I hear from you,
I will be sending you DU64 through du68 on DVD instead
of VHS as in the past. Please let me know if this
change will not work for you. Also, please contact me
(preferably through the ordering website: go to
http://orders.justicevision.org/ or go to
www.justicevision.org and click on "online order
form") if you would like to add one or both of the new
series to your existing subscription. Thanks!
And Yet Another PS: After writing the above email I
opened my mail and came across the following letter,
postmarked 1/27/05. I hate using testimonials, but I
think it expresses the importance I feel this project
could have, and why I am trying so hard to help it
succeed. It comes from a man named Gregory in New York
State. I wish I could use his full name, but I have
not yet been able to reach him by phone to get his
permission to do so. Gregory, I thank you for the
letter, and hope you don't mind my quoting it here:
"Dear Ralph and Eric:
    I am sending some money which... brings me back up
to date.
    I wish to continue... my membership. But, please
change my subscription to the video series from video
to DVD. This will make replaying much easier.
    I also wish to thank you for this incredible
service you provide and the work you do. Of all the
resources out there, including the Pacifica Radio
Network, and Commondreams.org news, the Democracy
University lecture series subscription has proven
itself a beacon of enlightenmight, bringing the
world's most thoughtful, respected, insightful, and
powerful minds living today, to viewers far and wide,
for only $5 bucks a tape. It is a catalog of heroism.
    Has Democracy University had any success with
public libraries? I'm going to try to get my library
    Thank you,
    Greg J."
How can I stop when I get letters like this? Thank
you, Gregory!
One Final PS: Please remember to forward this email to
your friends! You might also suggest to them that they
send us their email address so we can send them
occasional announcements about our new videos and
those from our progressive docmaker friends, which we
like to forward to our email list so they can get a
quick start on getting the word out when they get a
new doc finished. And thanks again for your time, your
consideration, and hopefully, your participation! 

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