[Scpg] Basics of Building with Cob: (10 days) (Evans) Mar 10-Mar 20 Santa Barbara, CA 2004

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,Basics of Building with Cob: (10 days) (Evans) http://www.cobcottage.com
  Mar 10-Mar 20 Santa Barbara, CA  $680

Our most popular workshop teaches professionals and owner-builders the 
basics of cob construction in 7 to 9
intensive days.  Even complete novices leave the workshop confident in 
their ability to build the cob parts of a cabin,
studio, or greenhouse.  Learn how to locate and test soil, sand, and straw, 
create the right cob mix for any situation,
and build strong, durable, sculptural earthen walls.  Get practical 
experience with foundations, windows and doors,
arches and niches.  Lectures cover siting, passive solar design, drainage, 
heating, plumbing and electric, and natural
roofing and flooring.

Ianto Evans is a landscape architect, applied ecologist, inventor, writer 
and teacher with building experience
      on six continents.  Cob is traditional in Wales, his homeland.  He 
teaches ecological building and has consulted
      to USAID, World Bank, US Peace Corps and foreign governments.
  Linda Smiley is a master cobber, therapist and environmental 
educator.  Her workshops incorporate intuitive
      design, sculpting sacred spaces, and finishing touches, including 
earthen floors, plasters, and cob sculptural

For more information please contact: THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO CONTACT TO 
Cob Cottage Company
Box 123
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Phone or FAX (541) 942-2005
The best time to call is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 10:00 AM and 
5:00 PM

To get on  Cob Cottage Email list contact cobcottage at earthlink.net for 
update on Cob Workshops

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