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Thursday, November 16th 6- 8:30 pm
Mark Lakeman
City Repair Project Talk & Slide Show
No Charge, Public Welcome
Part of Annual SBCC Sustainability Week, organized by Students for
Sustainability Coalition at SBCC

Santa Barbara City College
Adam Green's class on sustainablity (Environmental Studies)
Earth and Biological Sciences Building, Room 309
East Campus, 721 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara, CA
Co-sponsored by SB Permaculture Network

The story of The City Repair Project, in Portland, Oregon.
A 1.5 Hour Visual Media Presentation by Mark Lakeman,

As both an organization and a larger movement, The
City Repair Project inspires and guides the
transformation of the grid infrastructure of the
typical American city into a vital social commons. The
multidisciplinary nature of City Repair defies
categorization. Similar to Permaculture design, it has
become a national movement for social and ecological
restoration operating in a landscape characterized by
isolation and compartmentalization. The project takes
Fritjof Capra's 'Tipping Point' as a model for
paradigm change by intentionally focusing upon
intersections in space and time. City Repair is
directly reclaiming those intersection points,
converting spaces of collision into places of
convergence, and opening the field for what
automatically happens when people reunite with their
Place: everything.

This presentation compares the historic settlement
patterns of village societies with the dominant forces
of Western colonization as a context for describing
City Repair's work. As revealed through this visually
stunning event, the multidisciplinary culture of City
Repair combines architecture, urban planning,
anthropology, community development, public art,
permaculture and ecological design in projects that
transform space and transfer power to local levels.
The presentation is chronological, proceeding from the
most elementary and accessible project scales to
enormous visionary collaborations involving thousands
of people. Each project restates the same essential
principles of localization, community participation
and placemaking, but the forms always change and grow.
As an overall movement, each project builds upon
previous successes to manifest larger and larger

Through a restorative process in which citizens
re-imagine and literally re-build their own commons,
City Repair is engendering relationships that
revitalize the fabric of our local community within
the existing context of social isolation. By
re-asserting localized village patterns in the city
grid, City Repair establishes both the physical and
social foundation for sustainable culture.
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