[Scpg] the next big local food issue: plastic containers?

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Jan Lundberg at Culture Change is at the forefront of this important  issue.
"Petroleum-based plastics have only in the last several years been  
discovered to be an unmitigated disaster. Oceans are being filled with this mess  
of nonbiodegradable poison that cannot be cleaned up. Plastics, their 
additives  and toxins attached to them in the oceans enter our bodies and damage 
our  hormones and genes."
So what are the alternatives? Bioplastics have some of the same problems as 
 biofuels. Glass? Still breakable.
The container you get your soymilk in -- even from Organic Valley -- is  
lined with plastic that may be contaminating your milk. Your organic yogurt  
comes in plastic etc. I shudder when I see the plastic baby bottles and  
pacifiers going into the mouths of infants.
Lundberg follows the activities of various pioneers in the anti-plastics  
movement. The "Plastics Plague" section on his website 
(_www.culturechange.org_ (http://www.culturechange.org) ) is a useful  source of the latest info.
Some cities are banning plastic bags, plastic water bottles. 
What about Santa Barbara?
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