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This is a unique course and opportunity. At the site for the course there are plans for major broadscale prairie regeneration as well as creating full self-sufficiency for the site, and ongoing projects of a sustainability school and microeconomics to revitilize the rez. Be part of this historic movement at this historic rez.  There will also be a straw bale course in late July, a young adult regnerative skills course in early August (indigeneous skills and permaculture), a food forest course (Sept 6-12) and a keyline design course (time TBA).  There are internship opportunities as well. See our web site for more details - straw bale and food forest courses will be listed within a week or so.


Permaculture Design Certification Course Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation, South Dakota Aug. 16 – 29, 2010

72-hour Permaculture Design Certification Course will give you the tools to…

    * Create sustainable food systems in any environment
    * Practice water catchment and harvesting
    * Work with built environments
    * Build healthy communities
    * Share your knowledge to create urban farms, aid in rural areas and more

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn these essential skills in a Native American environment. The Oglala Lakota tribe has a rich history. The Pine Ridge reservation is home to Wounded Knee and other key historical sites. Additional workshops and field trips will be offered by tribal members on sustainable technologies, tribal history and native practices.
The course will be held on a beautiful 8000 acre ranch located in the reservation which includes historical sites, tribal lands and a variety of ecosystems.  The ranch has  a number of self-sufficiency projects ongoing including biodiesel, wind power, solar (made on the rez), building high efficiency stoves, sustainable timber work, etc. Planned for this summer are straw bale building, food forestry, broadscale prairie rehab including keyline and more.
Housing will include tipis, and traditional Lakota and indigenous techniques will be included in the instruction.  There will be ample opportunity to interact with and experience Lakota culture on the reservation and also opportunities to apprentice and intern for those who are interested – please inquire about our internship program!
Main instructor: Warren Brush, Certified Permaculture Designer and Educator throughout North America, India and West Africa, founder of True Nature Design, and co-founder of Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm and Trees for Children. For more than 20 years, Warren has enlightened thousands of people on their discovery of sustainable living and respect for land and communities.

He teaches courses including: Permaculture Certification, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Ferro-Cement Tank Building, Compost Toilet Systems, Greywater Solutions, Water for Every Farm, Drought Proofing, Cultural Mentoring, Introduction to Permaculture Systems, Corporation Sole Formation, Various Origins Skills, Food Forestry, among other offerings.

Learn more about Warren Brush organizations and programs:

Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm, www.quailsprings.org, a 450-acre arid land Permaculture demonstration and educational center located in the southern California mountains.

Trees for Children, www.treesforchildren.org, is an organization that teaches youth how to plant trees in ways that contribute to their community’s resilience and stability. It also raises funds for tree planting projects.

Mentoring for Peace, www.mentoring4peace.com, is a research project that is discovering the nature of how to mentor our children to be peacemakers with broad concentric rings of influence.

True Nature Design, www.truenaturedesign.net, is Warren’s Permaculture design and education company

Wilderness Youth Project, www.wyp.org, a youth centered organization that mentors youth in learning nature observation and origins skills.

Assistant instructor:   Cory Brennan is a certified permaculture instructor and designer who is focused on permaculture work in high poverty areas.  Work includes the Olceri project at Pine Ridge, a course taught in Little Haiti, Miami, work with a food forest at Crenshaw High in S. Central Los Angeles, and support for permaculture relief corp work in Haiti after the recent earthquake.  She founded createclearwater.com, dedicated to forming regenerative community, and is currently establishing Create Los Angeles, a similar project.  Her passions are food forestry, creating community and financial permaculture.

This course is being delivered in coordination with Olceri, a Lakota project to create sustainable, self-sufficient systems as a demonstration and educational site at Pine Ridge reservation.

For more information contact permacultureguild.us


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